How far do you live from the closest Hermes store?

  1. Which Hermes boutique do you frequent and how far is it from your home/work?

    My response is, although I don't frequent often, I go to the Marunouchi Hermes and it is around a 15 min. walking distance from work....
  2. It's 30 blocks from my apartment. I can walk there in half an hour and usually do so for additional exercise.
  3. It's a little over an hour away from me.
  4. I have two near me and they are pretty much equal distance from me...both are about an hours drive time. I might add...they both have been of little luck to me. They are quite tiny and have little merchandise. It is nice to go to them with a hope of something being there. You never know!
  5. I only have a NM that carries Hermes - and that is about 15 minutes from me. It does not have a huge stock though, but definitely fun to browse. The nearest Hermes boutique would either be in Chicago or Cleveland which are both about 4 hours drive.
  6. 1.5 hrs. and I've never been to the store - but.....I'm really good at calling between the Boston and NYC store lol!!!
  7. It's about an hour drive for me without traffic
  8. I go to different stores frequently. But for the NYC store though, a 10 minute drive.
  9. if the traffic is good around 15-20min if t is bad 2 hours :rolleyes:
  10. It's about 210 miles (4 hours) to Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and about 50 miles (1 hour) to the Hermes Boutique at Neiman-Marcus in Troy, Michigan.

    My keyboard is right in front of me though! Don't you think Hermes needs a first-quality virtual store?
  11. I live about 20 minutes away from the Palo Alto NM/Hermes store and an hour from the SF Hermes heaven !
  12. 7-8 blocks, about a 10-15 minute walk. Luckily it's closed by the time I get home from work during the weekdays!
  13. the closest to me is on Rodeo drive in BH. about a 30 minute drive with traffic. good thing. or I'd be hooked on those bags too!
  14. entirely too close. it's literally a stone's throw away.
  15. 1.5 - 2 hrs away...

    hermes_lemming - you're so LUCKY!!!