How early do you start your Christmas shopping?

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  1. I know it's only September and Christmas is still like a little over three months away, but I've already thought about what I'm getting my boyfriend for the three occasions in December (Christmas, his birthday, our anniversary).

    Is it way too early for me to start buying some of the things I want to get him? There's this Nixon watch I want to get him and I've read somewhere it's limited edition but I have no idea if it really is. I'm not sure how I would feel having this Christmas gift sit in my room for three months before I give it to him...

    So, how early do you start shopping for Christmas? Does the type of item/the person affect what time you shop for him/her?
  2. I honestly I start when I see good sales!
  3. I used to start like a week before Christmas but now I start seeing things that I think will be great gifts for certain people and I buy then right away before I forget. Plus I hat shopping in crowded malls.:smile:
  4. I hate to think about Christmas now but really, if you know definately what you want to get somebody - I would get it now.

    Don't forget to put it in a safe place that you will remember though so you don't forget you have it by Christmas!! OMG I have done that and found it at Easter Time!!. Not funny I assure you - especially when you have spent so much on that person for Christmas thinking you didn't have anything for them!!!!!!

    Also, it spreads the cost of Christmas - and that is always a good thing!

    I normally make all my Christmas Cards and I try to buy my Wrapping Paper in the January sales every year ready for the next year. I hate spending loads of money on something that is going to be just ripped off and thrown away - especially the Children's presents!!! You could wrap it in Brown Paper and they wouldn't care.

    (all my adult presents I take a great pride in wrapping and putting ribbons on and things - all my families presents (that are going to be put under our tree) have to have matching or contrasting paper and ribbons etc which have to match my tree decorations - is that a little anal!!!!????
  5. I shop all through out the year. When I see something I think the person will love or I hear them mention something I get it right away.

    It makes shopping easy and as someone mention spreads the cost throughout the year. I keep an ongoing list of what I have bought and who I still need to but for in my agenda and always put all the gifts on one shelf in my 'gift/sunshine' closet, which is a walk in closet, I outfitted with shelves and my hubby put a lock on for me, to keep the kids out ;) It really helps to store it in all one place!

    I early October, I start wrapping what I have and finsh anyone off who I haven't bought for yet. By Halloween I am done and wrapped :smile:

    Just for fun some pics of my 'gift/sunshine closet':





    I also store my big bags here:

  6. I do christmas/birthday/event shopping all year through really.
  7. Usually I start shopping after Thanksgiving. I don't even want to think about it yet.
  8. I started last week
  9. It is NEVER too early to start shopping for the holidays. I was always so jealous of my mom, who would be mostly finished by Thanksgiving because she shopped all year. I am trying to be better about that. I already ordered my boyfriend's gift, and I think I'm going to talk to him about starting to pick up gifts soon (for family/friends). We did a pretty good job last year, but we could do better. I want to completely enjoy the holiday season!
  10. I start getting my gift cards out of the way first, so I start in October. I save the bigger things for December. I also do alot of shopping online, so if it's something I know is really hard to get, I try and snag it right away.

  11. I start on Dec. 26th for the following Christmas! :nuts:

    I have a large family and I'm sort of the matriarch (even though I am still waaaay young). Anyway, this means everyone expects Christmas at my house with all the trimmings. So I buy cheap and I buy often. Otherwise I would never be able to afford it. I hate to see an unhappy kid on Christmas,
  12. I've always waited until the first of December and then ordered everything on-line. But this year I have so many great ideas for everybody that I'm actually starting today.
  13. I should start soon...I always leave it to the last minute, when all of the good gifts are gone! It's sooo frustrating :wacko: so this year, i'm starting early!!
  14. I start shopping for xmas gifts in early November.
  15. i pretty much have my eye out year round... if i see something that screams "so-and-so" then i grab it up, regardless of how far away the holidays are. that way i don't feel rushed and i'm not spending tons right before xmas (in turn having more money to spend on BAGS for myself at the sales:graucho:)