How does your man react to your bags?

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  1. My boyfriend was clueless about bags.. but this last christmas, he knew more about the bags then the SA's @ Coach did. He walked in and asked for the Suede satchel and the SA told him that Coach didn't make a suede satchel. He made her look it up and of course he was right :nuts: ! He learns so quickly :love:

    I'm sure not everyone's "significant" reacts the same way.. how does your react?
  2. He likes the designers I have(purses/shoes), he's the one who buys me Lv's. I know he appreiates designer item's just as me, so I love him even more for that!
  3. Mine thinks I've gone absolutly looney and calls me a purse snob when I comment on someones fake bag. He doesn't understand yet, but he knows the difference in each designer :lol:
  4. I love that name.. a purse snob! LoL :nuts:
  5. My hubby rolls his eyes; he does trust me to not put us into bankruptcy with my purse-passion; so, he does not mind me buying a new one every now and then.

    He does however, think they all look the same, and that they all look like bags you can buy at Walmart, he is so clueless. :suspiciou
  6. Are we married to the same man????;)

    That is my husbands reaction. He's learning though. This weekend I gave him a quick lesson in "How to spot a fake LV." His response...."Ohhhhhh"

    Prior to now, he couldn't have cared less if I'd carried my belongings in a brown paper grocery bag......or for a little variety, a white plastic grocery bag. :amuse:
  7. My husband can't understand why I need more than one "purse" and worries about how much I spend. I never tell him how much any particular bag cost unless it was really cheap. I figure, I'm not going into debt to buy the bags, I work hard and it's my discretionary income, so as long as I don't go overboard, he doesn't have to understand it.
  8. My boyfriend doesn't understand it, but he doesn't bother me about it as much as he used to, although I have to watch myself since we are saving to buy our first place together. I do feel guilty sometimes and try to hide things in the trunk of my car and hope that he doesn't notice. :shame:
  9. My bf gets a bit pissed off - as alot of the time he helps pay for them and gets a bit annoyed esp when I am like oh I would love this for my birthday, xmas or an anniversary LOL .. but he loves me so he will contribute LOL

    I just dont think he likes the fact I am always on the look out for my next bag even if I had only just got one .. I am way too addicted. He also gets fed up with me talking about LV LOL.. But on the other hand I have got my mum into LV and she has a few and understands me and we chat about it HE HE.

    My bf can never keep up with my purchases he does not really know what bags I have - he is like oh is that a new one or where did that one come from LOL
  10. My Hubby, bless his soul, never comments. Although He did think the padlock on the paddy was funny! and couldn't figure out why you would need a padlock on a purse. He's an engineer and very practical. =)
  11. My philosophy EXACTLY! What he doesn't know, won't give him a coronary!
  12. My boyfriend feels the exact same way. He is constantly asking why I need more than one bag, when to him, they all have the same function. I feel the same way you do about buying bags. It's my money, I work for it. We're not married yet, and don't share a checking account. When we do, we will talk about it. And even then, I'll spend my money on my terms :P
  13. Now this is something I can REALLY talk about. HA! He's much the same way as your men. He first started out not knowing, then one day he said to me a couple of years ago, "you sure you wanna get your Coach dirty by putting it on the floor". And I was surprised he knew, and he answered "How can I be your man if I can't even tell it's a Coach". Really warmed my heart in a weird way. But mind you, that's a couple of years ago before I really got serious. Don't think he REALLY knows about my Paddy, Chanel, or Diors.................................although HE also gave me a weird look about the lock......................
    I think it kinda works the same with us and their 'cars', occasionally I can actually tell which cars are which ...........................
    And for all you soon to be married ladies, I think that we should still be able to buy what you love (provided everthing that are necessities are paid for blah blah blah). Just cause you're married doesn't mean you can't still be who you are, goes both ways.
  14. My credit cards are my personal expense account. :P

    Sharing a checking account works out well for paying my credit card bills.
  15. Hahaha....
    I love my husband, he is really good now to compare what is real and what is fake. I always told him that purse is very important to the woman personality. Sometimes we just sit around in the city and watching womans with they're purses,if its fake or not, and some stuff like that. He really like my girlfriend i can talk about handbags.. He always know what to buy on Christmas, always a handbag, handbag, and handbag.hehe!
    He loves designer stuff to, especially watches. He always told me that the nicest bag is the paddington bag. Before he only seen this bag in the magazine, till we was in Paris last week and encouraged me to buy it straight away..:hrmm:
    I think now he totally get it why woman never get enough with a handbag.
    Now, he keep laughing at me because i found this forum, where i can share my opinion about HANDBAGS:evil: :lol: