How do you store or display your purses/bags/handbags?


How do you store your bag?

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    Keep it in the dustbag only

    496 vote(s)
  2. Keep it in the dustbag (and the box it came with)

    135 vote(s)
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    Bag needs to be aired (taken out of the closet)

    67 vote(s)
  4. Bag does not to be aired

    13 vote(s)
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  1. Wow plemont... That's amazing!!! Such a great idea! :love:
  2. Plemont, that is gorgeous and such a great idea!

    At the moment my bag collection is taking up a corner of my boyfriends office, needless to say this arrangement may lead to trouble.
  3. Oh wow! This is fab. You've given me some great inspiration. Will let you know the outcome once I've decided. Thanks.
  4. That sounds great cornflower! I have a few Billys as bookcases at home already. I've just spent the last hour online comparing different doors and sizes of the Billy bookcase. I think it's very likely I'll have a bag bookcase real soon! :smile: Now my bags are just hiding in their dustbags in a closet.
  5. Thank you all - I'm just looking at the picture and thinking I should have tidied it up a bit!

    The lockers and I have a long history.......

    they were in the staffroom when I started teaching (I kept biscuits in the top left locker:biggrin:). Covered in orange varnish in those days

    they came home with me when the staffroom was refurbished (their replacements were metal, industrial and quite horrid) and became my sideboard when we were newly married and skint

    they were relegated to the shed when we could eventually afford to replace them with IKEA furniture

    they were reinstated when we moved into a 1950s house, very in keeping once we'd removed the orange varnish - which took quite some doing

    they didn't match our current Edwardian house so were a bit lost for a while

    and now they have their finest hour as my Mulberry storage!
  6. Lovely story and very original storage
  7. That's a really lovely story. So nice that it's got a history.
  8. I love lockers like these what an excellent idea. I just have 3 matching pine wardrobes in my bedroom which one is filled with mostly Mulberry from top to bottom. Oh wow a teacher what dd u teach? English? :smartass:
    You def have the brains as well as the looks which is why i love your all your ideas.;)
  9. Thanks JAN! I'm a primary reading specialist, which probably explains my love of storytelling:smile:

    I might well need to expand into a wardrobe in the future as my lockers are pretty full now........
  10. Lovely story, Plemont! And it's lovely that you help onto the lockers, even when they weren't being used. They are in their element now, doing their most important job of all - looking after your Mulberry bags :biggrin:
  11. Thanks cupcake, and they certainly protect the bags well! Solid as anything.

    I'd be interested to see picture of other storage, if anyone fancies sharing?
  12. My small collection are on a shelf in my wardrobe but I am thinking that as it goes, I need to do something! I do have a small storage room at a self storage place (for business purposes) and I am thinking of using some of that space but not sure if I can handle them not being under the same roof as me! :biggrin:
  13. This is their current home in my built in wardrobe. I am very naughty & don't use their dustbags & am beginning to worry that just laying them on top of each other is a bad idea.

  14. Plemont what a lovely nostalgic way to hold your bags, that school locker makes a very good bagrobe :biggrin: