How do you store or display your purses/bags/handbags?

  1. It took me a while to find - we're getting so big and I know that I'd seen something like this ... but didn't find what I was looking for, so maybe I was imagining it all... :biggrin:

    When I owned a bag that had a defined shape (boxy satchel kind of bag) I stuffed them with white cotton towels to hold their shape. Now, with my Bottega Veneta Cervo Hobos, I lay them flat, and stuff the 'open' area with sheepskin (I buy bags of it at Tandy Leather) and each hobo gets its own box, so there's nothing on top.

    There's a bag on a popular selling site right now that was obviously stored unstuffed and underneath a whole bunch of other stuff - makes me sad to look at it. I've included a photo, just to show as a warning... I'm sure the bag could be brought back to life... It looks like it is sandwiched between two panes of glass. :biggrin:
  2. UGH!!! Thanks for sharing that! I'm so afraid not to stuff/store mine with great care, I would be very upset if they got damaged or ruined when not in use. My Chloe's have their own storage area and system different from my RMs. I feel like I have spent so much money on these that I really want to take great care of them. I know it's silly to feel such an attachment to a material object but I do have strong feelings about each, as every one was a decision that impacted my wallet which is a serious thing.

    Nice to know that I'm not crazy in going to great lengths in stuffing/storing bags, as others do the same.;)
  3. I stuff all my bags in storage. I use these cheap cushion pads -

    When a bag is being used, I keep the cushion in the dustbag, so that I always remember to re-stuff when I put it away. I have a couple of smaller bags which I've made small 'cushions' for because the littlest shop-bought ones were too big. I've also got a couple of clutches that I just have tissue paper in because the opening is quite narrow.

    I like that it helps my bags keep their shape, but it also helps them stack when in storage. I have a large storage container that doesn't have internal compartments, so keeping the bags semi-rigid helps them stay upright in storage and not fall all over each other.

    - Lips
  4. Glad to see this thread, as I have been wondering myself. But the threads have inspired me to combine two ideas. Would it make sense to use a plastic shopping bag stuffed with tissue paper? You could even seal up the bag with tape. Then you would have the best of both worlds...
  5. Cool!
  6. Yup, works great!! Just don't use newspaper, the ink might transfer onto the lining.
  7. I stuff with some (usually not all) of the paper that originally came in the bag. As one other poster remarked, I also store the stuffing in the storage bag while using that particular handbag. Good reminder for me to re-stuff when finished with that particular bag.

    I would never use the plastic grocery bags inside of a leather bag. Maybe its just a weird thing for me, but how is the leather supposed to breathe at all with plastic covering up all the air space?
  8. I do. I use the tissue that was originally used when I purchased the bag.
  9. It depends on the size of the bag, but I use these little blue pillows from Ikea which cost under a couple dollars or so each. Or paper which the bag came with.
  10. I stuff every single one of my high-end bags. There are a couple coach bags that I don't bother with only because I don't value them as much. For some bags it's necessary to stuff (even when wearing them) for shape retention and to make them look full because there's no way I can come close to filling them. My speedy and some of my larger totes and hobos are usually stuffed when worn. Does anybody else do this?
  11. Great to get some good ideas
  12. I only started stuffing my bags with tissue paper after I noticed that some of the structured ones were starting to sag while sitting on the cabinet shelf and the resulting wrinkles were permanent. I would usually just use the paper that the bag came with, but I recently purchased my first Hermes Birkin and decided that it deserved something better than tissue paper or the bubble wrap that it came with to maintain it's shape. Also, I store my bags in a display cabinet with glass front doors and after the tissue paper has been taken in and out of a bag 100's of times it starts to shred and look messy. It just doesn't look good lying on the shelf among all of my beautiful bags - yes, I'm a little OCD!

    So,I found a website called that sells purse pillows. You can pick the size that you need and you get a well made, firm pillow covered in a silky fabric so that it's easy to slide in and out of the bag. It's also filled with something that absorbs moisture, which can be a problem for leather stored in humid climates. I plan to slowly replace the tissue paper in all of my bags with these pillows.
  13. Never stuff it, just put it in the drawer

  14. swezfamily, I checked out this comapny's website, and they are so expensive! 29 bucks for the tiny clutch pillow, and 80 bucks for the two large pillows needed to stuff a tote! As most of my bags are large totes the size of that Goyard (although not, admittedly, Goyard...), I've worked out that it would cost me around USD3800 to kit all of my bags out in Bag-a-Vie stuffers. Stuff that! :cray:

    I don't intend to denigrate your choice, swezfamily - I'm all about consumer choice, and I think it's great to have lots of options for every budget. I just wanted to say that there are very similar alternatives for anyone who might have checked out Bag-a-Vie, liked the product, but been disheartened by their prices. I just wanted you to know that the pillow pads I buy from a humble haberdashery for a couple of bucks do exactly the same job as these branded ones - except they don't have a little ribbon across the corner. My pillows are filled with duck-down - I've no idea if that is scientifically proven to deter moisture (although the ducks seem to do alright in that respect...), but I keep a couple of silica gel pouches in alongside them to cover this aspect anyway.

    Anything that saves a bit of dosh to spend on the actual bags is a good thing, right? ;)

    - Lips
  15. Lips - you are right that the bag-a-vie pillows are crazy expensvie. I bought two at $30 a piece to fill my Birkin, but compared to the price of the bag, $60 wasn't too much to spend to keep the bag from sagging. However, I would love to find a less expensive alternative, so if anyone knows of any retailers selling a similar product, please post.

    I just figured that I would "splurge" once or twice per year on bag-a-vie pillows for one or two handbags until all of the tissue paper has been replaced in all of my handbags. Definitely don't want to shell out the money to buy them for all of my handbags at once. Too bad I'm not crafty enough to make them myself. :smile: