How do you store or display your purses/bags/handbags?

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  1. :biggrin: Hi all!

    I am a new member and I was wondering how everyone stores and displays their bags. I am looking for a way to keep everything nice and orderly. My handbag collection has grown somewhat and I am going to run out of closet space soon. Any suggestions?

  2. My closet has a built in shelving unit that was perfect for storing and displaying my bags. But even that will run out of space soon. It's a dilemma. Here's what it looks like now. But if your closet is running out of space, maybe a bookshelf or similar storage /display in your room to show off some of your favourites?
  3. I have three shelves in my coat closet (I'll soon boot my husband's stuff and use the 4th!) that I use for my bags. I keep each in their original sleeper -- if I don't have one, I'll use another similar cloth cover. I photograph each bag, laminate the photo, and pin the photo to the outside of the sleeper. That way, I can put the bags on the shelf the 'thin way' (know what I mean...they are all facing the wall or each other rather than facing out....) and still know what is in each bag. Anal, yes. Effective, double-yes.
  4. That's quite the collection you have there ! ;)

    I just kind of shove mine onto the top shelf of my closet, but that's going to have to stop soon. It's just basically my shoes and my bags fighting for supremacy in my closet ! :lol:
  5. That's what I do aswell with a mini poloriod minus the lamintion, It's great for shoes too. The only problem is that I still take out each bag/shoe to see which looks the best. So it helps me locate, but it's still a headache removing each dust bag or box. Decisions, decisions....
  6. I keep mine in my closet, in their sleeper bags, inside several large rubbermaid totes lined up on the floor under where my clothes hang. I can't display mine on shelves or the like, then my hubby would know how many I have. ;)

    If he knew....he might cut me off. :amazed:
  7. The lady at the LV boutique gave me a good tip: don't store your good bags on the shelf at the top of they's warmer up there and the leather will dry out more quickly. So I've migrated my good bags down to the bottom of my closet in their cloth storage bags.
  8. Pseub - Thanks for the tip...I had no idea. I've been storing my bags on the top shelves of my closet. Learn something new every day ;)
  9. Yikes, good to know!! Even though mine are on the bottom, my bedroom closet gets VERY warm in the summer months. I wonder if it would be better to store them in my master bath closet where it gets a little moisture in the air?

    Probably a good idea to moisturize the ones I don't use once a year, and the others more often....:suspiciou
  10. I know its better to keep the bags on the bottom but I've no shelving there! Until I get a closet devoted to bags, I'm stuck with them at the top of the closet. If they are the bottom, 1) they will get all tossed one on top of another, 2) my kids will toss their wet snowboots on them as well! Yikes!
  11. I'm sorry to have found this out - my bags are in their dust covers, sitting in bins on the top shelf of my closet - I can't put them at the bottom, that's where my shoes are and that's where I like them to be!!. Now I have something else to worry about lol :nuts:
  12. My bag closet has it's own side of the closet, they have their dust covers, and I boiught these pretty boxes, that have placements to write whats inside....I think I just have to much time on my hands...that and I watch too much tlc.
  13. I also keep mine in their dustcovers and on a shelf in my closet. I'd say it's about halfway up the length of the closet. The previous homeowners installed a shelving unit in the closet that has those white plastic-coated wire racks.
  14. I keep mine in a storage bin under my bed. Never worry about warmth or light. I have a louie going strong after 17 years. If your bed is high enough you may want to try it and my hubby never looks under the bed. I just love bags and always need one more .
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  15. The only problem with under the bed is that you can't see them and review them and figure which to carry each day...
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