How Do You Organize Your Craft Supplies???

  1. I love your scraproom, Ghost. I am still trying to get mine in order.
  2. Ghost55 - OMG! Your craft room is TDF!
  3. These are all lovely. I'm bumping it.
    I'm using my old makeup vanity at the moment as a craft table lol
  4. Sweetneet and twinkle.tink, your craft spaces are awesome!

    I do most of my crafting in the living room while watching TV! I've been doing beadworks almost everyday the past couple of years so I'm a fan of those plano boxes and clear foot long boxes to keep my beads and findings. Then I use bookshelves to store them. I also have drawers where I keep my tools, fabric, etc.
  5. I have large three drawer plastic "dressers" they seem to work great and keep things organized!
  6. For the bigger stuff - I got a large clear zip around bag from IKEA - a lot fits in and it's strong. For the smaller stuff - bags and boxes. Clear is always a good idea. I have a chest of clear drawers I use for jewelery parts. When I don't want to see the contents I just cover it with a nice piece of fabric. Basically the key is to keep everything in groups, according to type and purpose. That makes things easier to find.


  7. OK, green is now my main skin tone. WOW! I love your art space, Ghost55. I wish I can reserve any space in our house for my stuff.
    What do you do with fabrics? I have 4 huge storage totes filled with any fabric imaginable (and, yet I keep buying more!). Nothing seems to be practical enpugh.
  8. These are some great craft spaces. I will be posting my space soon.

    I love those curtains.

    Love this space.

    What a great us of lockers :smile:
  9. In plastic totes, drawers, and bins.