How Do You Organize Your Craft Supplies???

  1. I have lots of crafty things...stored in bags here and there and plastic drawers I've purchased at Target. I know there must be some crafty tPFers out there that have well organized craft supplies. I'd love to hear how you organize your craft supplies and if you have any pics that would be great! TIA!
  2. i use the modular boxes (designed for scrapbooking storage) that I bought at Michael's. They have drawers of various sizes, shelves, etc. I also use a desk I bought from IKEA.

    i'm finally done with my scrapbooking center, i should really take a pic and post it here.
  3. "organized" would be a big stretch for me - I have a gorgeous needle roll that I got on the bay for $15 with my long (12 inch) DPNs and crochet hooks, a cup with my straight needles, and a plastic basket with my circs (I don't have an interchangeable set, just a lot of circs) and 7 inch DPNs. My yarn used to be neatly organized in a couple of under-the-bed plastic bins but as I've been doing all my holiday knitting it's migrated all over my bedroom. But usually I have two under-the-bed plastic bins.

    My random supplies (stitch markers, needles, scissors and the like) go in one of those decorative boxes that people give as gifts but no one ever uses - I actually used one!
  4. ok, here are pics of my scrapbooking/craft center that DH & I just finished setting up. We had a recessed area in our game room upstairs and we thought it would be perfect to put a desk in there. I have a regular desk downstairs but I wanted something strictly for scrapbooking and crafting since I know how it can get so messy with glue, paper etc everywhere!

    The desk & chair are from IKEA, and the white modular organizers are all from Michaels. The shelving system is the Elfa system from The Container Store. I got the seven small translucent drawers from Target. The thin silver rectangular board on the wall is a board that can be used with both magnets & pushpins. I also have a bookshelf (from IKEA), where we put yearbooks, photoalbums here for easy access when I want to scan pictures for a scrapbook page.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    here's a quasi-panoramic view showing everything
    scrapbook3.jpg scrapbook_w1.jpg scrapbook_w2.jpg
  5. OMG. I just typed a super long paragraph and it didnt show up! Ugh. Ill type it out again. poop.
  6. Ok, so lets try this again...

    I have two of these..
    and two of the taller ones with more drawers(i think it has about 8 drawers), I also have 2(used to be 3 but I emptied one out for my makeup) desktop size ones. I have a sewing desk with 3 drawers full of stuff and I also have an entertainment center in my sewing room with a TV on it so I have stuff packed on the shelves of that.

    Ill take pictures....when I get it cleaned!
  7. My 'office' with most of the craft stuff...I use the lockers (which really lock, for stuff that the kids shouldn't get into, like spray paint, etc.






  8. OK Tink, enough is enough. Its time to quit showing pictures of that fabulous room.

    It always makes me so jealous:crybaby::p
  9. Sweetneet! Between that and your closet you must be a most beautifully organized person! I'm so jealous, lol. Feel free to share more pics of your home anytime. :tup:

    Twinkle tink, WOW that's quite a collection. I love your ribbon roll center!
  10. LOL...I had to show it for this thread...

    I am getting ready to reorganize it though, since this is from last summer and I have added a bunch of stuff...and since I am getting a cricut for Christmas, I need a spot for that stuff too.

    So new pictures after Christmas :graucho:.
  11. I have something like this
    From bed bath and beyond (it's not this exact style but similar). So, it has three nice big deep pull out fabric boxes... in the bottom one I keep scrapbooking stuff (paper, stickers, scissors, etc) and in the top two drawers I keep my paper cutter and rulers (use these a lot for school) and all my beading equipment. I have plastic bead storage containers inside these drawers to stay more organized. And then, on the very top I have large packets of paper so they stay flat (they don't fit in the drawers) and on top of that a big pink woven basket with more beading things! I often throw my jewelry in there after the day is done too cause I know where to find it again ;)!

    Here's the link on bed bath and beyond for the one I showed in the pic above:

    The only differences are that mine doesn't have the metal rings on the front (cloth handles) and mine is on wheels with a slightly different top (but still a flat surface)! It works handy dandy and it's in my bedroom right next to my full length mirror so it's out of the way but still accessible!
  12. Sweetneet and twinkle your crafting areas are AMAZING! How awesome! I love all the crisp white furniture/storage units... rooms always feel so clean like that!

    Sweetneet your wicker baskets up top are SO adorable and I love the fresh, open feel of the room! I couldn't do a white desk though... I'd have that thing covered in paint and glitter so fast! I'd need something like a kitchen counter that easily wipes up haha!

    Twinkle... I spy LV! Hehehe and all of the tinkerbell stuff is so cute! Tink has always been one of my favs! Love the ribbon roll center as well... I just want to grab ribbon and run like Veruca Salt on the first Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie in the golden egg room haha!
  13. Oh my god...everyone has such fancy organization systems! I have plastic drawers, cardboard boxes and see-through tackle boxes.
  14. Sweetneet, that is absolutely amazing!!! :yahoo: You are so wonderfully organized! I would just :drool: for an area that nice! Lovely!!! You give me an idea of what I can aspire to have one day!