How do you feel when someone copies you?!

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  1. Ok..just wanted to get some opinions here...

    How do you feel when someone you know (be it a family member, friend, or coworker) buys the EXACT SAME BAG AS YOU? Does it make you feel upset, jealous, flattered?!??!

    Here's why I'm asking...I recently purchased a new bag...and my friend got the exact same one in a different color 2 days later!! At first, I gave her info on the bag, showed her different sites, etc. but now I just feel :suspiciou about it because she actually bought it!!! We'll look like twins when we go out (which is often!)'s kind of a buzzkill on my "new bag high". Should this bother me? :unsure:
  2. haha I HATE it, I have a friend who does that crap...its not exactly the same stuff since they don't have the means to go that far, but you can still tell what the general idea is. Its lame, but I suppose can be taken as a compliment as well.
  3. It should'nt bother you. immitation is the sincerest form of flatery. There are only so many bags out there and it is in a different color, now if it were an exact same entire outfit that would be different. (like you hate it when soemone goes and buys the exact same outfil you just got to wear to the same office or coktail party, but something like a purse it totally different. All of the celebrities that never wear any dress anyone else has ever worn all carry the same bags.
  4. It makes me mad! My sister especially copies me and I hate it!!! In her case though she takes my bag without me knowing.AArrrGGGhhh!
    My girlfriend who's as obsessive as me knows better. We just have an understanding. It hasn't happened yet, but at the moment we both like the LV Manhattan, we'll see who buys it first. The first one who buys it means that the other one doesn't buy it. LoL!!! It's working out for us!
  5. I could take it like a compliment or be upset. I'll take it as a compliment. I would only be upset if the friend/relative showed up with that same bag to an event/dinner/function. Now thats a no no.
  6. Oh i can totally relate to this!!! I have a friend exactly like that. Not only will she end up getting what i get but she'll criticize me for getting it. Whatever i'm currently into, she'd get into. I wouldnt be suprised if i started sporting a mohawk, she'd probably get it too. I really dont mind it to tell you the truth. But what i do mind is that she'll talk her sh** then end up doing/getting the same thing. That's what i can't stand!:evil:
  7. Take it as a compliment- you obviously picked out a bag that your friend really liked ( hey, someone wants to be LIKE you!). I understand it's frustrating to go out and get yourself something nice, and then to have another person do the same thing a few days later, but these things happen! ;) It's not as if you two are the only people in the world with that bag! I've copied friends stuff, and they've copied mine... it's a good way to get ideas! :smile: ( hey, at least she got a different color, right? :P )
  8. I have a colleague whom I suspect is kind of doing the 'following' too. I have a pair of boots, she went to buy a pair of boots. I have a pair of slip-ins with pointy front, she went to buy the same style. I dress in a certain manner, I suspect she is catching up too. And the list goes on........ She even asked me a couple of times how I feel about her new purchases.... :huh: It doesn't really bother me.

    But I guess when it comes to exactly the same bag, I will be quite unhappy (especially if I tell the person I am interested in the bag). I guess I won't know how to react if anyone comments that we have the same bag!
  9. It is so ironic that she criticizes you and then does the exact thing:lol: If you have such friends, never mind they are getting the same stuff as yours, they will always be your follower. Isn't it flattery?

    I don't mind my friend carrying the same bag as mine if they are different colors. But if the same color, I will rethink about it:suspiciou
  12. I've never had this happen, but I guess it would feel pretty strange to be carrying the exact same bag as a friend, when we went out. Especially if it was an unusual and colourful bag!
  13. i don't mind, especially if they are "it' bags. when the multicolor pochettes came out, everyone got one! LOL
  14. I don't get upset, but I do find it embarassing if it's the same style AND color. Especially if we hang out together often... ppl will get the impression we lack our own style.
  15. interesting post....a girl at school who was a big ***** to me last semester went out and bought the exact same purse in a different color. It didn't make me mad, but it just emphasized how lame of a person she is.