How do you feel when someone copies you?!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
i think it's just kind of sad for the other person. i mean, really, how hard is it to pick out your own stuff? if you're the stylish one and she's the follower, believe me, everyone knows it.


Nov 1, 2005
Although it is a bit annoying, you should take it as a compliment that she digs your style so much to copy it. Revel in the fact that between the 2 of you, you have more sense of style ;) .


Sep 21, 2005
I don't hafta worry about that since none of my friends are as into purses as I am.. However I do have a story to tell..

I once had a store manager at disney who was very into designer purses and then there was me, and 2 asst mgrs. The LAMB bags had just came out and we (the 3 assts) all wanted one. Our store mgr finds out and I guess as a way to fit in, came into work with the bag within one week. What pissed us all off was the fact that she didn't even know who Gwen Stefani was!! We were all so irritated. She totally bought the bag just to show off. I still actually talk to her and she has not since carried that purse! :evil:


Dec 24, 2005
i hate hate hate when people copy me....not only that i just hate having the same thing as other people. i NEED to be different! if i were you, i would def be irritated...but that's just my personality


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Well, to me it all depends who the "copycats" are. I don't mind if my cousins or relatives copy me because to me that's just flattery. Usually when I buy cute gifts for them, I always ended up buying the same things for myself because the gifts I ended up buying are usually what I like anyway. So my cousins and I tend to have similiar outfits which I think it's just adorable.

But if my friends started copying me then I'll be annoyed. I tend to want to be different and stand out among my group. But with family, it's different.


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
I was pretty upset when I told my friend about a sale and the great Coach bag I bought and she promptly went out and bought the same one. I ended up returning the purse. I mean, if it's a variation on it, such as different colour, I would have been ok, but I mean, I bought it first, and thus I have laid claim !!


Jan 21, 2006
Hi all

I suppose if the bag is in a different colour, I wouldn't mind it as much....but having said that, I would feel a little weird when we are out together.

I have a friend that does not buy the same stuff but she mimics gestures . In a group, if A says something (usually something witty) with some kind of gesture or action. She repeats wholesale right after A, while we are all there including A. When B or C does another thing during this same occasion, she mimics again right there again in our presence.

She does not seem to be aware that she is doing it. She does not regularly spend much on clothes, bags or shoes. But if she does, she'd spend hundreds of dollars and it still looks weird on her like a balloon style skirt. These one season styles are not worth it and really just looks good on the runway.

For me personally, if someone comforts me as "how flattering it is to have 'followers'....." I'd still feel very weird, not angry or upset; just very uncomfortable...remember the movie 'Single White Female'....yikes!

Just in case you are wondering....I've known my friend for 20 years, she's a mother of 2 young children with an active social life. She's pretty harmless if one can overlook her mimic thingy, it just irritates me.

best regards


Jan 29, 2006
I don't care, I think it's kind of funny. I mean, five bajillion of us on this forum have a Speedy.

If they saw me carrying the bag and liked it, by all means, I want them to go buy it! After all, I buy bags I see on other people if I like them.

It's just if it's a pattern, then it's creepy.


Bag Ho
Nov 27, 2005
I think you should be flattered. Someone is copying your style just like a designer or a stylist gets copied. You are probably the most fashion-forward person they know and they just love your style and want to emulate it.

I love it when people do that with me. I bought a pair of frey harness boots (adjustable harness and green nice) and wore them to work. The following week, three women on my floor had harness boots on. hehehehe...I think it's cute!
Jan 2, 2006
nobody ever copies from me, beacuse sometimes i wear these strange things that most people don't understand or beacuse i wear thinks that are notvery easy to find :lol:
Jan 26, 2006
it annoys me at first... i have certain friends/cousins who do it to me... one day i have a certain new bag/clothes/shoes.. afew days/weeks later i see them with it. My boyfriend tells me to take it as a compliment (which i eventually do once ive cooled down).. but it does bug me when i see them with the exact same bag and they try and cover it from me.. i guess to make me feel like they've not copied me but it makes the feeling worse. Although i dont mind my sister copying me, shes like my bestfriend anyways. :shame:


backstage pass
Sep 13, 2005
Louisville, KY
At least she got an authentic one, and not a fake one! She could have gotten a fake, and then said, "Look, we have the same bag!"


window shopping
Nov 18, 2005
i have this friend who copies me constantly! its so annoying. a few yrs ago i went on a trip and came back with a new bag. i loved it and it was special b/c i got it when i was away. well, she saw the bag and ordered it online. she didn't tell me about it. i found out when her boyfriend saw my bag and asked if i was hers b/c she'd just got the same bag. to this day i have not seen her with the bag...i was really mad b/c she knew i loved it...and had taken so long to pick it out. about a year later she got another one of my bags, this time she told me about it and said an ex boyfriend had sent it for her bday...yeah right. how many exs you hardly talk to send you designer bags for your bday? LOL! i consigned mine asap. i know she must have issues, but i wish she'd leave me and my bags out of it!