How do YOU blow dry your hair?

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  1. So whenever I blowdry my hair I always wonder what's considered "normal"...I usually let my hair air dry a bit and then dry it on the coolest setting while flipping my head down to get like underneath and stuff...then I put it on a higher setting for the last few minutes.

    How do you blow dry your hair? What heat setting do you use? Is there one way that is better than another?
  2. I like to use the low setting but on very hot. With a brush I just do down the sections relatively slowly toward my shoulders. It gets it the straighest and shinest possible. I don't finish with a cool setting.
  3. i never use a cold setting, it would make my hair frizz.
    i use the hottest and highest setting, and do so straight out of the shower.

    i spritz my hair with blonde brightening serum, then blow fry the roots first, and the do small sections at a time from root to tip.
  4. I get out of the shower, towel dry my hair, and rub a mix of Redkin's Satinwear and Align balm in. Then flip on the hairdryer. Mine is set on the highest speed and heat it is capable of and it stays that way until my hair is dry. I'll get the top part of my hair completely dry and then flip my head over and finish the underneath. And I wait to brush my hair until after it's completely dry.
  5. I try to avoid blow drying and prefer air dry, but when I do I section my hair and use a big round brush and set my blow dryer on hot and blow dry. Usually I spray John Frieda's thermal heat protectant before I blow dry.
  6. I never blow dry my hair because I'm worried it would dry it out. But I heard if you want more volume you drop your head down and use 45 degree angle close to roots, and then use the cool setting to add more shine and strengthen the hair cuticle.
  7. Put my hair in a towel for 10 minutes
    Blow dry hair upside down with the highest setting, at the hottest temprature, then I comb it out..
  8. i don't blow dry my hair either... i wash it every day so i don't need something else to dry it out.
  9. I blow dry upside down on the medium or hottest setting after spraying with BigSexy Root Pump Plus and smoothing on some Moroccan Oil. Then I flip over, part my hair and use a flat brush to smooth it out.

    I try my hardest not to blow dry more than every other day. I also take fish oil and a hair, skin & nails supplement, which have made a HUGE difference.
  10. i almost always let my hair air dry. when i do blow dry it, i wait until it's about 75% dry, then blow dry to get it to 90%, and then air dry the rest. i only do it this way because my hair is so thick it takes hours to fully dry, and i don't want to damage my hair by blow drying it so much. i flip my head over and blow dry from underneath and then blow dry from the top straight down with the blow dryer parallel to my hair.

    moroccan oil has helped my hair dry a lot faster so air drying actually doesn't take that long now so i don't even need a blow dryer.
  11. towel/air dry till slightly damp, then blow dry with my fingers until its mostly dry. then i use the brush to smooth it out on the highest setting.

    i find the cool setting essential to make sure i've dried all the hair, cause when my hair gets too hot its super easy to miss wet sections, which leads to major frizz for me. then i go back and get those sections dry with the hottest setting again. when im finished i always use the cool setting that way if i put my hair behind my ears or clip it i don't get a kink from having hot hair.
  12. Ugh, blow drying my hair takes AGES! It's really long and thick, so I do it when I have plenty of time. I use the hot setting on high, and use a wide toothed to go through section by section, and finish with a blast of cold air to set it. I don't blow dry a lot, only once in a while so it doesn't damage my hair when I do use it.
  13. ok so i just read that i'm blow drying my hair completely wrong and i have switched up my regime.

    1. leave your hair wrapped in a towel for at least 10 minutes before touching it after your bath/shower.
    2. do not brush your hair until it is partially dry. use a gel pic while wet.
    3. do not rub your hair in towel. instead, squeeze the towel around your hair to get any access water out
    4. do NOT have your blowdryer on high heat (oooops!). medium tops.

    *the more time you wait to blowdry your hair, the less time your hair will be under a lot of heat!*

  14. I don't blowdry my hair until 30-45 mins after I shower. Then I flip my head upside down and use a brush to smooth the hair and I use high heat and high blasting air haha... then I stand upright and flip all my hair to the left and dry the right side and then flip to the right, dry the left... sometimes the underside in the back needs more and then I'll dry there more. I avoid drying the ends though, because they are fine and will dry okay on their own but they get too damaged if I specifically dry them. I always use phomollient (aveda) on my hair and a heat protectant!
  15. very helpful...thanks girls!
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