how did you ladies decide on the color?

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  1. i went into the toronto hermes boutique today, and marina was extremely helpful and friendly. after showing me all the styles, i think i've officially fallen inlove with the kelly. now, she showed me the swatch book, which didn't really excite me all that much, i was hoping for a burgundy, but all they had was a red and a deep purple, which i am okay wiht, but not totally in love with, kwim? i think i wil probalby only own 1 hermes my whole life, so i'd like to choose wisely.
    how did you ladies decide on the color of your hermes bags?
  2. Look carefully at your wardrobe and try to decide which color will complement it most.

    I have lots of black, browns, and blues in mine, so I have black bags and a blue marine bag. I am feeling the need for an ebene bag....
  3. Ebene, ROSE.......would be FAB!!!! In Chevre!!!!!
  4. ^^^^ or choco box
  5. I started with black since that is what I wear and would be most versatile. Then I added colors and 2 neutrals that fit well with my coloring and wardrobe. In retrospect, I wish I had saved the bright colors for small bags and kept the bigger bags in neutrals/black.
    Rose: ebene is the best!!!! Would be great on you. Ebene barenia!!!
  6. Rouge H Box???
  7. I chose Ebene-very dark brown-my lifestyle in the west is casual-lots of jeans and neutral colors-but a black Hermes bag, regardless of leather/skin, will ALWAYS be classic, whether with jeans or cashmere. It's true though; open your closet and see what predominates. And if you think this is your only one, oh boy, fasten your seatbelt. It's like crack.
  8. Ebene is great because even though it is brown, it looks fine with black.
    Rouge H, especially in box, is wonderful--a classic.
  9. Sometimes the colors just choose YOU. You may go in hoping for something and then a bag in a color/leather/HW combo will just capture your heart.
    If you want burgundy, try Rouge H in Togo. I have this in a Trim and it's quite close to burgundy. Lovely.
    Anyway, for my Kelly, I chose gold because it goes with nearly everything I wear, I love the white stitching and it's a combo that works in all seasons.

  10. SO TRUE, GT!:yes:
  11. you'll end up with more than ONE hermes in your life...heh thats for sure.
    Anyways as for me...I just buy the first one that makes my heart sing (and available at the store) because I cannot wait. You won't regret it. They are all so oh beautiful
  12. Takeout - I thought I knew which color I wanted for my first birkin but just to make sure I kept month-long wardrobe diary. Each day I asked myself would *insert your color here* go with this today? You pretty quickly build a picture of whether something will work for you.

    FYI - my instinctive color choice was correct ;) .....
  13. I unfortunately don't think you'll settle with just one H bag, once you've had it for a while, but for what's regarding the color, what about box rouge H. It's a burgundy to me...


    You have that divine vintage choc box :nogood:
  15. ^^^ can't get away with anything here!!!