how did you ladies decide on the color?

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  1. ^^ ;)
  2. Before I joined this board, my goal was to get a BJ Birkin (still unsure about size and leather) with PH. Now after seeing the color charts and pictures, (and not to mention other bag styles like the Bolide)...the choice for the first H bag isn't so easy. takeoutbox, sometimes as others have the said here the right bag will choose you. Good luck. :smile:
  3. Ebene is such a versatile color. My only H bag is an Ebene Picotin with caramel chevre piping and trim. it goes with everything. :tup:
    Rouge H would be more of a "burgundy" and also a gorgeous neutral. I'd love a Rouge H Kelly or Massai someday. :yes:
  4. i have to say, it wasn't love at first sight for me, i thought out of all the bags she showed me, kelly was the most appealing to me, it wasn't until I held it that I fell deeply in love. It is soooo friggn gorgeous. They had the orange one in stock, sorry i don't know the official color names yet. but as i was going through the swatch book, i have to say, none of the colors jumped out at me. i think i will sleep on it for awhile. this cannot be an impulse buy.
  5. Everytime I buy a black I sell it! Black doesn't work for me - is a favorite as are the reds....and my MOST favorite color to date is, love it!! It's dark so won't show dirt, and is fun and funky - I also adore indigo...and brighton blue is another favorite...I know I'm a brighter color girl rather than black so I have had to go through a few, but know where I am...finally! Good luck!
  6. How about thinking about the bags that you currently own and use? What color is the bag you use most? Do you find yourself often wishing for a certain color to go with what you wear?
  7. I agree about the Kelly! The prettiest bag ever made!