How can I make my calves smaller?

  1. I'm 10 weeks post op and worked out at the gym for the first time. I know I cannot run yet so i went on bike and elliptical and kept it low resistance. working out was fine but the next two days I felt cramping on my calves on and off while walking. the empty spaces has filled in a little. But my legs still look bowed bc the outer calf area, the soleus bulges out and inner caves in. I just came from las vegas and It is hard walking and dancing on heels and high wedges for a long time. THe whole weekend I wore very comfortable flats in the club and sneakers walking around. Again recovery is individualized and I am just telling my experience. I have to look for my before photos because I believe I tried to delete them since my friends were using my computer and I did not want them to see the pic. If I find them I will send people the before and after.

  2. Hi sunflower100,

    Yes its been a while since i was online here....

    I'm now in Teneriffa and want to travel to Seoul in nearly time maybe Middle or end of august ! I will plan it when i'm back in germany! When are u suposed to fly ? Maybe we can meet up there ?

    Greetings from Teneriffa

  3. Hey Anoukmarie,
    I may be in Korea as early as late next week. Still making plans but looks like I'm really going for it. Keep in touch or let me know when you decide to go.

    Hi Jackkki,
    Thanks so much for updating. I was wondering how you were doing. Do you have a personal email address I could write to you at. So now may I ask, was the pain and all of it worth the end result? Would you do it all again? Is it painful still to wear high shoes? I really would love to talk to you privately if possible, please let me know how or when you've got some time. I think you'd be an excellent resource. Are you all done with aspirations?
  4. Hi Jackkki

    Great to hear that you are having amazing results with calf reduction surgery. I will be travelling to Korea next month and interested in hving the surgery. Can i have your personal email to enquiry about the operation and post-op care?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. i wish i HAD bigger calves actually, i think they look way healthier and sexier! my legs are shapeless :sad:
  6. you may email me through private messaging
  7. Ditto. If you have before/after pictures, can you please PM them to me? I would really appreciate it and will definitely keep them confidential.
  8. hi jackki
    i've been reading your post since before you went for the operation, it's really helpful and thank you so much for the updates.
    do you mind if i ask for ur before and after photos? i cant send you a private message as im just a memeber. so you can send me an e-mail to

    i'll keep it confidential.

    how are you doing? much better now?

    looking forward to your reply
    thanks again

  9. I am Asian too, I want to do the calf reduction next year. I wanna know if u're still interested to go for the operation? im still thinking whether to go to dr. park or dr. jong but im more confident in dr park.

    Please let me know if you're still going for the operation
    Thank you
  10. Hi girls...
    Greetings from Taipei!
    I have just done the calf muscle reduction operation with Dr Jong and today is my 3rd day post ops.
    The whole operation took around 4 hours and it wasn't that scary to me. I was put under local (spinal) anesthesia and I found myself sleeping the whole time.
    I like dr Jong a lot..a very very nice doctor!
    My preop measurement is 34.5 on right and 35 on left. Immediately after the surgery they were 31 and 31.5. I stayed at the clinic for 2 days...bedridden...was not allowed to move.
    For the 1st night at the clinic due to the residual anesthesia or whatever I slept like a baby. For the 2nd night I had backache so it was quite uncomfortable. However, so far the pain is 0.
    Thank god my bf and best fren will take turn to accompany me in I am not stuck with cup noddle. For walking wise I can go to the bath room by myself but doctor Jong askeD me to rest my legs as much as I can( at least 1 week till he remove the stitches).
    I'm wearing compression stocking right now and I don't see my legs swelling very much.
    On and off I will feel the spasm or discomfort on my left leg. But...well all bearable.
    Will update u guys on my of luck to all!
  11. hi teenagedirt

    im so happy to have someone here post sth. im glad to hear that ur pain is 0. im sending email to dr jong to ask about my calves too. i really wanna do the calf reduction!

    ill be waiting for your next update and i hope you are doing well.
    take a good care.
  12. Hi,
    Just an update. I just got back from Korea. I had the surgery with Dr. Park. I'll try my best to write a detailed entry on my experience today. I will try to check into the forum, however I am starting work again and sometimes it keeps me do busy I don't have much time for anything else. But I will try my best to answer questions and update bc this forum was an integral part of my going through with the procedure.

    Day 1- Ok, so I arrived in Seoul, checked in to Young Dong Hotel my first night. I stocked up on food and water then went to bed.

    Day 2- I got my stuff and headed to Oz clinic. I had my consultation at 10 am. I had my blood work done, asked all of my questions, and photographs taken. Dr. Park was really awesome. He put me at ease immediately. I had so many Questions but he politely and patiently answered them all. My surgery was scheduled for 3pm later that same day. Dr. Park had another calf reduction surgery scheduled for noon that same day. So after my consult, I think I saw him eating lunch then head into surgery. I just waited around that day until my turn at 3pm. I didn't have a chance to get to speak with the other calf reduction patient. She was actually a native so I thought I'd have a chance to practice my Korean, but that wasn't the case. As soon as she was done she was brought into the recovery room and asleep. When 3pm came, I remember the nurses prepping me, then receiving my spinal anesthesia from the anesthesiologist, then given a shot and the next thing I know I fell asleep.

    All I remember is waking up around 10pm feeling sore and foggy. The nurse told me I slept a lot. I think I had been exhausted from my flight the day before. She also told me my parents had called a couple of times to check on me. I looked for the other calf patient but was told that she felt good enough to go home. I heard she only had a little taken out. As for me my calves I'm not exactly sure how much they've decreased because I've still got some swelling and not finished with my aspirations. So far I think I've lost about 2 or 3 cms. I will continue to update bc I do have questions for those of you still in the recovery process.

    So after I woke up my legs didnt hurt but they felt tight. There was a point where I asked myself what have I done? Not because of pain bc it wasn't painful but I think my reaction was just normal especially bc I've never had any type of surgery on my body and here my first was this procedure. So I kinda was having some thoughts but I also remembered all those times, years I feared wearing short things. It was then I made a promise to myself that no matter how my legs looked I was determined to wear short things from this day forward. It was a moment for me. I fell back to sleep.

    Day 3- I woke up around 6 am. The nurse was asleep in the bed next to me. I was able to get up by myself and walk to the bathroom in my wedges, feet very wide apart. It was painful but I got through it. I returned to my bed and started thinking about something Miss Jess wrote on this forum regarding stretching while she was laying down, I think. So I tried to do the same and stretched my foot in the dorsiflex position. It hurt and felt good simultaneously. I still do this. Around 10am, I got myself together to leave the clinic. The nurse showed me a couple of stretches then I was on my way back to the hotel. I forgot to mention, my first night at the hotel I saw another girl who must have come to Korea for surgery, she was wearing a surgical mask. When I was going back to the hotel I saw her again. She noticed I was limping, I was too tired to chit chat and just went to my room. I spent the better part of my day stretching, laying down, and watching TV. Unbelievable but I was craving chocolate do later that night I actually walked to the convenience store to get my fix. It was the longest and slowest walk of my life but I did it. I was exhausted when I got back and went to bed.

    Day 4- Woke up in some pain due to tightness. I stretched it out immediately. I just wanted to feel better. I continued stretching most the day. I noticed I had way more bruising on my left leg and almost none on my right leg. Both legs were swollen. My left leg also felt more tight but I stretched both legs. Later that day, my right leg felt really stiff, I thought it might be a spasm but the pain disappeared a couple hours later. For dinner I was able to walk to a nearby Thai restaurant and had spring rolls and pad Thai. It wasn't bad but I've definitely had better.

    Day 5- I had my first appointment at Oz at 11am. They just changed my bandages and tape my wound. Dr. Park told me he removed a good amount - he said it in terms of kg I think, also something in terms of servings of meat, like the equivalent of two servings of meat, I think. Lol!So this was Saturday and my next appointment was set for the following Wednesday. I returned to the hotel and resumed stretching.

    Days 6-8 - just stayed in my hotel room and recovering. Pain became more bearable.

    Day 9- appointment at 11 am at Oz. I think Dr. Park and nurses were impressed with my recovery. Dr. Park gave me my first aspiration. It wasn't too painful, just different from the leg pain I had been experiencing. It feels like a little bite but there was a painful second. He pokes the needle into your leg and moves in around the different layers of skin within your leg looking for areas where there may have been fluid buildup. He does his best to handle you gently while doing this but it's still a needle in your leg so it's a little painful but not bad at all. If you've managed the surgery this part is a piece of cake. I had about 3 full tubes from my left leg and about 2 from my right. Need to come back in two days. Dr. Park is going to show me how to aspirate bc I leave in four days.
    Went back to hotel to rest and well you know, continue stretching.

    Day 10- woke u, still lots of tightness behind my leg. Drank some water and started stretching. Watching the Olympics on TV. Later in the day, I went out to the Sinsa subway station to do a little bit of shopping. I walked for about two hours total and was exhausted after. I wanted to take the subway and go out further but decided against it. Going up and down the stairs at the subway was pretty painful so I opted to go back to my hotel.

    Day 11- woke up with tightness and stretched it out. Got ready for my 10 am appointment at Oz. I actually shared my can from the hotel to the clinic with another foreigner who had come to see Oz for eye-lid surgery. She was a very sweet and pretty girl. It was just nice to have someone to talked to. We immediately bonded and I shared about my week's experiences. I've read on this forum how it's nice to have support and people to talk to about what you're going through so try to go with someone who's also getting a procedure. I totally understand this better now. The moral support was great. We got to Oz and I went first. Dr. Oz showed me how to aspirate and it wasn't too bad. He's really awesome and really cares about his patients. I can't say enough nice things about him and his staff. I had some issues accessing my email and he let me use his computer. I was very grateful.

    Day 12- so my last appointment at Oz. I met another girl from the hotel going to the clinic. I think she had the jaw procedure done. She was also very sweet but didn't say much because of her band aids. Today was my last visit and Dr. Park just gAve me final instructions on stretching, strips for my wounds, and my compression stockings- darn those things are tight, and my needles for aspirations. I know I've already mentioned this many times, but he really takes great care of his patients. If you're a foreigner and want this surgery and you have any hesitancy bc of language barriers or the fact it's in a foreign country, I just want to alleviate any fears you may have. Dr. Park speaks English very well and had great bedside manners. He prides himself on his care of his foreign patients. You can't ask for a better physician. I did my homework as well on his background. He was educated at Catholic Medical school which is one of the top schools in Korea, so you are in reputable hands. His nurses are vet nice as well. I had the chance to meet Amy as well the day after my procedure. She had come by to visit the clinic. She told me her name was Amy and that's when I knew she was the one everyone was talking about on this forum. She told me she was currently on maternity leave and visiting. A very sweet girl and pretty too. She told me the importance of stretching. Her advice was that your muscle is like a rubber band that needs to be comtinously stretched.

    Day 13- last day in Korea. Woke up very early, checked out and headed to the airport by 7:30 am. As happy as I am to be going back home I am a little sad to be leaving Korea and Oz clinic. It's been painful but bearable. And after the initial rough 2 weeks, I'm actually sad to be leaving. My assessment so far was that everything I did was worth it. Only time will tell what my exact results will be but do far I'm satisfied. I will try and update on my progress and thoughts on my revovery. The only thing I'd like to say is that I do not have pre and post pics to share. I didn't take too many pics before and as far as post, I think going to wait awhile longer before taking any.

    I'd love to hear how all of you who've had the surgery done ate recovering. I'd like to say thank you to Jackkki as well. Your messages were helpful and I'm very appreciative. I'd love to hear how you're doing and how your recovery is going.

    Take care everyone!
  13. Hi sunflower100

    Thanks a lot for the update!! it 's really really helpful. i hope you can get well soon and will wait for your next update. thanks again. ill be the next to go for the calf refuction cos im saving up now haha.

    take care (:
  14. Is anyone planning on going to Dr. Park after the new year? I am planning on being there from around 1/3 through 1/20.
  15. hello everyone

    I'm sorry it's been a while since my last post because my mother is sick.

    It's been over 3 months now. There is still some swelling but of course it is not as bad as before and I can still fit in my shoes. I am switching between the bandages at night and compression stockings during the day. I bought some compression stockings online from a different brand. dr park said to get 30-40mm tight. You have to buy more pairs because you can't use the same every day. I bought some knee length which I prefer for work, and some thigh length for when I wear skirts. They are kinda expensive. dr park said you only have to wear the compression stockings for three months, but in my opinion, you should wear it for as long as your legs are still swelling. I mean that is what compression stockings are for anyways, to relieve swelling. Everyone said that then shape of you legs keep changing from 6-9 months and I think the compression stockings will aid if final result. the size of my calves are the same, 32cm-34cm. I do still have bowed legs. Kinda weird looking with my thick thighs. But can't really tell if I wear knee length skirts. But again it is way better than before. I am sorry, I cannot find my before photos. I am excited to wear short skirts because I haven't worn one in 12 years as well as look so much better in skinny jeans and tights without having my calves bulge out really bad. overall, I'm happy with results so far. There is still some tightness when I first get up from lying or sitting for a while. And also my heels do still hurt when I am on my feet for hours during work. Probably it is because the achilles tendon still healing. let me know if you guys have any questions. One thing that crossed my mind is that this procedure has not been around too long, and there is not much evidence, I think, on long term effects of the procedure i.e walking when I'm old, etc. I mean there are not much studies and doctors that perform this. Oh well, It is too late. I did it already. Sometimes vanity wins.