How can anyone do this to us???

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  1. omg, did u see how many people were interested in it? I swear, people will do anything for money!
  2. YES, it is very very scary!!! So open too... ::very worried:: :cry:
  3. Effin scams.....:suspiciou
  4. WOW! Just unbelivable! I guess you can't rely on sellers providing a copy of the reciept anymore:sad2:
  5. I don't know about you guys but I don't ever trust ebay or any of those internet auctions. Stuff like this is the reason why I just can't trust them even if they claim the bag was used n have a reciept.
  6. I saw a link to this on forums. Makes me angry, especially at those who are so interested in purchasing these fake receipts :evil: A lot of innocent buyers will end up getting scammed, and it makes things harder for those who do want to sell their authentic bags.
  7. isn't there anything illegal about it that could lead to prosecution since they are counterfietting receipts? I know there's a lawyer here on the forum....

    Ugh that makes me so sick. He 'claims' it's a novelty but who the hell would spend $25 on a receipt without the intent to deceive people?
  8. wow, that is some shady sh*t.
  9. oh my god, that is terrible. i cannot believe people do this. one guy asked for a hermes receipt of a birkin!! someone is going to pay $$$$ for a fake birkin, that's thousands of dollars!
    this is so unbelievable, thank god i never buy off ebay. i rather pay retail than get scammed.
  10. There are too many sick people in the world. No wonder there is a 1-800-fakes phone #.:sick:
  11. That made me feel sick to my stomache...Anyone that buys or sell any items on Ebay or the like is a jackass!!
  12. Well Suze, you can't condemn all of ebay just for that. They do have alot of useful stuff and I usually have good experiences. But as anything else where counterfeitting comes into play, it's Caveat Emptor. Obviously if the authorized retailers are putting customers on a waiting list, and some unknown person out of nowhere claims to HAVE something that everyone wants, then you should definitely be suspicious. Like I've stated before, fakes are getting frighteningly real. Articles are being published now that say even the experts are having trouble telling them apart.
    A faked receipt just adds another element to the deception.

    I say get it from an authorized retailer at this point. It's too big of a risk and too much money to play with.
  13. That's just shows how much crime is involved with anything that there is a high demand for. People out there have to understand that there are no deals with these bags; only buy from a reputable shop on or offline. There are scum out there stealing openly and they have a "market" for their crappy goods. If folks don't know better they'll go to those dealers in good faith. I think I believe the stories that knockoff items fund terriorist; it's not just hype. Da*n...I'm on a rant here!!!
  14. Search for eLuxury on ioffer, you can actually purchase programs that will prinit you out a customized receipt for items as well. People are pretty awful.