Hooray Deutschland!

  1. I'm not sure if any of you just saw the game Germany v. Argentina, but it was definitely a good game! A real nail biter, lol. I couldn't even watch when they were doing the 11 meter shots.

    I could hear the screams of the people out in the Sportheim (community sport center in english????) all the way inside my living room - and it's about a 5 minute walk from here, lol :smile:
  2. Any word on why Maxi Rodriguez was chasing after Bierhoff after the game?
  3. i watched the game at a cafe with my friends, it was a great game, but i'm actually pro-argentina, i think messi is a great player and it's such a shame he didn't had a chance to play this game. i hate penalties.... :sad:
  4. ^^ I know!!! I have no idea why they kept Messi benched.. the coach is prolly kicking himself right now!
  5. I wanna know too.. it almost got really nasty afterwards :hrmm:
  6. I have no idea... :blink: That was really poor.
    I saw one scene, where an Argentinian player kicked one of the Germans... Bierhoff said later on German TV, that he just tried to calm down the situation after more and more players got involved.
  7. I have no idea, but that was crazy!

    They played very well (and aggressively!) :smile:
  8. I work for a German company here in the US and we were supposed to have the match broadcasted in the conference room but it didn't work. The Germans left for the sports bar and the rest watched the spanish broadcast on TV in the cafeteria. There were food too! I only went for the food. Not a soccer fan. :shame:
  9. It was riveting, and I don't really even like soccer !
  10. Ooh about the little brawl after the match.. they just said that it was bc one of the Argentinian players accidentally stepped on a German manager's foot or something? :blink:
  11. Accidentally? *lol* :lol:
    The FIFA is going to analyse the scene cause it looks like at least two Germans were "attacked" by Argentinan players. The manager (Oliver Bierhoff) said he tried to calm the situation.
    Nasty ending...
  12. ^ LOL that's what ESPN said in the US! Although now that I think about it.. it's an awfully huge field for you to find a German manager and "accidentallY" step on his foot :lol: Oh well atleast this match didn't turn out to be as nasty as Portugal v. The Netherlands.. that one was just plain violent.
  13. I was screaming and jumping up and down especially after Germany scored the goal to tie it. And of course at the end. My mom thinks I've gone crazy. Yay Deustchland!!
  14. what scene? i didn't see the scene, because after argentina lost, i just sat stareless to my friend's face :sad:
    i'm soooo sad... and i can't wait to see the english match, if they lost too, the world cup is finally OVER for me :cry:
  15. I watched it and was sad that Germany won too (sorry, Germany fans). I'm an Argentina fan.