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  1. Hi Vlad and Megs!!!

    Just the other day, I was about to post a thread asking the members here to help me find the perfect mirror to go over my new entryway chest when I thought..."I'll just put it in the decorating section." I didn't see a decorating section. :sad: I still need a mirror.:crybaby:

    If there isn't one already, please consider adding a Home Decorating section...It would be greatly appreciated!:flowers:


  2. i would love that too!

    I was an Interior Designer for years....Its my passion!
    Custom made Home furnishings & accessories!
  3. After just beginning the process of gutting my house, I'd be in favor...
  4. I like this idea too
  5. I love that idea! It would be really nice to have a Home and Garden section :yes:
  6. I'd love it!!
  7. Me too, I'm an interior design junkie ...
  8. I love that Idea! Since most of us are already moms and has their own place or even own room! And an advantage for me too! Since I'm just starting my place only! And I can't figure out how to decorate and make my own closet!
  9. Since I'm getting ready to remodel my kitchen a decorating section would come in handy!
  10. I know we're getting more and more forums and it's getting a little crowded so I don't know if perhaps it really needs a NEW sub-forum or just inclusion into an existing one. (perhaps even with travel called "Home and Away"?? ;)) But anyways....

    Anyone else interested in a home & gardening section? I personally love interior decorating and I know a lot of others here like gardening and renovating their homes.
  11. Ok, usually I am one of those people who is like "no more subforums!", but I thought maybe there could be enough interest in this subject to warrant it. I am buying an old Victorian home and would really like a dedicated place to ask others for their opinions on decorating, gardening and DIY projects. I'm sure we have lots of knowledgeable members! Anyone else interested in this?
  12. Great idea, Litigatrix.
    I second that. I would love a forum whereby we could share photos of our homes, rooms for decoration inspiration, even landscaping/gardening ideas. It could be a blend of home decor, maintenance and even staging a home for resale.
  13. Hurrah! At least one other person likes my idea!
  14. I would love to be able to talk DIY and crafts kind of stuff here! Count me in!
  15. Ooooh I do like this idea too. Just the DIY part... my house is a mess and my garden is nonexistant hehe.
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