Holy Grail Sweet Punk Siouxsie bag arrives and...

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    The leather is ridiculous. So soft, never felt/seen anything like it. KRAAYZEEEEE soft. Like the softest possible glove leather and a basket o' kittens on top. Gleaming black. Just stunning. Drop dead soft. Keep-picking-it-up-and-marveling-over-it soft.

    The hand-distressed studs are OMG gorgeous.

    But the bag is heavy. So heavy. Killa heavy. So much hardware. Hardware on the bag, major hardware on the strap. Its what-in-the-heck-have-you-got-in-there-woman?!?!?!! heavy. And all I tried in it was my wallet, somewhat overstuffed cosmetic case and glasses case. I don't carry much but I don't know if I can live with this. I fear the leather ripping. I could never carry a hand held bag this heavy. I do think I can manage the shoulder bag though. I'm not crazy about the way the top weighs it down (see last pic) and makes it flop over. I think once the flap softens up it will sit better. I couldn't believe they didn't send me a sleeper bag with this.

    I'm trying not to get too attached to this. I never thought I would own it and have sort of stalked it. When it went on sale I thought for all of 3 seconds and just ordered it. Gee its so purty. :yes: Aw geez I think I am going to have to build up my left shoulder. Or say 'bye.
    I'm going to think it over this weekend.

    Here are some pics if anyone wants to see [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Your bag is gorgeous!! :drool: I can't stop looking at it. If it wasn't so heavy I'd order one in a heart beat. Good luck with your decision!
  3. this is by far my favorite MJ bag in terms of styling.. it just dropped on Barneys.com again.. is it really that heavy? I HATE heavy bags! what would you compare it to? (walking around with 2 cans of soup?) it's so so so gorgeous. but maybe it's on sale because it had too many returns...
  4. I think it was on sale because of the insanely high retail price and the heaviness is off-putting. I got this from the Madison Ave store. This is the 2nd markdown price. I was prepared to sell stuff to keep this but.....no.

    Cans of soup-GREAT idea- this is 3 cans worth.

    Already wrapped to go back!
  5. kitskats, thank you so much for the info on this bag, at $899 I was considering it, at $599 today I was about to jump, but you saved me the time/money.. I love it, think it's beautiful to look at but if it's not usable.. forget it!
  6. Oh its gorgeous.. I'm thinking of getting it too!! Can you please show us some modeling pics?! I really want to see how it fits on a person!

    I'm definitely going to rethink it if its too heavy!

  7. LOL! Now I'm walking around the house with 3 cans of soup, my wallet, iPod, camera, cell phone, and makeup case in the MbMJ canvas tote you gave me (thank you!) trying to decide if I can handle the weight. :nuts:
  8. You guys made my day!
  9. I've seen these before, and although the leather is scrumptious, the bag just feels funny when I'm wearing it. It doesn't hang straight but curves in because of the way the handles are attached to the bag. It feels like it should be a messenger, but it's not because the strap is only long enough to wear as a hobo.

    Sadly, this is my least favorite of the Sweet Punk style. I'm sorry to see you send it back kitskats but I think I agree with your decision. You'll find another holy grail bag soon!
  10. I agree about the way it hangs. It doesn't look right. Although I love the look of the Sweet Punk line in general, this one is not my favorite. The leather is truly amazing, though. I couldn't believe how soft it was when I felt it.
  11. saw this bag at Barneys and nearly fell over when i picked it up. and i carry a crapload of stuff in my bags. you could do bicep curls with this bag.
  12. I agree...I had the sweet punk sid and OMFG my back hurt like nothing else when I wore it...this bag is HEAVY..its totally not worth the price IMO...unless you want back problems later in life.
  13. Return it. As hard as it was to obtain, you won't/can't use it day-to-day.
  14. ^Ah.. I'm totally convinced this bag is not for me now.. ugh it was such a steal at Barney's!
  15. It's so beautiful, I'd begin weight training just so I could be certain it wouldn't hurt to carry!