hmwe46's Bag Obsession and Progression into Fashion Madness

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  1. So far I have refrained from posting a collection thread. I knew there were a couple more bags I wanted to add. Now that they are all present and accounted for, I can finally post here! :yahoo:

    My newest, a Python Silverado in chocolate (I think some people id this color as cognac, which seems more descriptive):


    My next newest, a rouge 06 paddy medium satchel:


    My Christmas bonus, an acier paddy clutch:


    My 06 blanc and chocolat medium paddy satchels:


    My 05 grenat loaf style paddy:


    My 05 bleu nuit mini loaf paddy:


    My 06 taupe large paddy tote:

  2. Soooooooooooo jealous of this collection!! Congrats, it's gorgeous. I especially love the mini loaf and the new rouge Paddy.
  3. Aww.. this is too cute, you paddington freak ! :graucho: Love 'em !
  4. THANKS!!! :blush:

    It has been a total blast collecting them!! This forum is a great way to work out my shallowing obsessing!! :supacool:

    I have some that haven't been snapped yet: a Fendi, a Mulberry, a Luella, etc. Since DH got a new camera lense for Christmas I might get happy tomorrow and finish up the pics.

    btw: Ayla, I love the pic of the hammy in your avatar!! My hammy used to love to stuff Cheetohs in his cheeks!!
  5. i LOVE your paddy collection..... very colorful.... so much fun....
  6. love that mini loaf!! everything is gorgeous.
  7. love it! so many great chloe pieces.
  8. Wow buddy that is some great collection!
  9. ah shucks, ya'll helped me to covet most of these before I actually laid down the cash! LOL

    Here is mousse (sold):

  10. WOW - What a beautiful assortment of Chloes. So many wonderful colors and sizes :wtf: I just can't believe my eyes! What a wealth of beauty you have to choose from each day.
  11. WOW! I'm speechless! They are all absolutely incredible!
  12. does "(sold)" mean you've sold this one? it's such a lovely color! Thanks for the great pics!
  13. Wow! Fantastic!! I love your collection!!!
  14. Love love your collection. What a Chloe fiend you are. Love your large tote at the end - I so want one of those.

    Keep up the good work
  15. Yup, nerdbox01, I sold my pretty mousse. :crybaby:She just wasn't getting the proper attention so I passed her along to someone else that could get some use out of her.

    Secret_shopaholic, I love that large tote like crazy!! I tried to sell her a couple of times cause she is very heavy but in the end I decided to keep her. :upsidedown:

    My next bag is sooo going to be a Balenciaga Work (maybe in a blue??? or a white?? or black??). Oh wait, I thought I was supposed to be done! :angel:
Thread Status:
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