Hmmm, looks like there might be a new leather for 2008

  1. Just found this auction, it seems to fit the color theme with blue inclusion being released.

    This is a classical little accessory re-invented for the future and was presented as a VIP gift during the recent Louis Vuitton Summer 2008 Runway show entitled Moon Beach. The exterior is lined in yet to be released Dogfish Leather with unusual blue toned studs and silky soft blue interior with 5 silver swivelling hooks for the storage of keys.

    Anyone else heard about this, or did I miss it in the Summary thread?
  2. It's part of the mens collection for summer 2008 I've seen one on eBay from another seller I quite like it it's different.
    There isn't any information about next summer yet
  3. This is the first one I have seen so thanks for the info Claire. I am not a fan though, it looks like faux leather IMO.
  4. i too saw it on eBay a while ago. don't like it.
  5. I saw that too...that thing creeps me out, I'd never use it.
  6. It is ok.
  7. OMG is that actual dogfish? lmao I'm sorry if that seems stupid or something, but it says "dogfish leather" EWWW that is creepy!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ditto! When I first saw it in achimnelly's listing, I thought "What the f$#% is that?!"
  9. I like it. I've seen some Tilapia fish leather before too, the scales looked a bit like Anaconda snake leather but not as big.
  10. Same here! :push:
  11. it is indeed fish skin. its the same trim they used on this bag:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    i like the exoticness of it, but not too crazy about the pattern and colour. maybe it will take a little getting used to.
  12. I actually like what I see from the pictures!
  13. I think the bag deluxeduck posted looks fantastic! I think it will grow on you.
  14. i quite like the look of it but the fact that its dogfish just makes it sound yucky.
  15. Yea it's up there with snake skin and Croc for me, I can't stand exotic leathers like that, they creep me out, I get scared they bag will eat me, no joke I'm such a wuss! haha not that dogfish would eat me but it's still icky haha.