Hilary Duff

  1. looking good there and i love her style.
  2. She is gorgeous!! =)
  3. the poor dog... paris hilton started the trend by carrying tinkerbell around. now everybody has one. its starting to get very annoying.

    the purse on the other hand is very cute haha
  4. Hillary looks great.
  5. I think she looks especially pretty in those photos. So natural.
  6. I love hilary's look!
  7. she looks really good
  8. She is a cute girl but really thin! I saw her last year (November, I believe) at LV on Rodeo and didn't even recognize her. She was looking at a bag for her computer and my husband was dealing with an SA at the table regarding the peeling glazing on my Gracie handles. The other SA behind me asked a question and I responded in my southern accent. I immediately turned back and Hillary was smiling at me - I guess she misses hearing southern accents because she is from Texas.:smile: :smile:
  9. Just went to the Hilary Duff concert in Fayetteville, NC. The tickets were free for Military and dependents. Can you believe it? I'll post pictures later.
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  11. Wow that sounds neat! I didn't know she did those kinds of things! Looking forward to pictures = )
  12. All the pictures look the same. She's not much of a dancer. BTW, does anyone know what boots she's wearing?
    174483275.jpg 174483290.jpg 174483308.jpg 174483335.jpg 174483369.jpg 174483380.jpg
  13. Hilary Duff took some time from her busy schedule to take a visit to New Orleans to spend time with survivors of Hurricane Katrina on the one year anniversary of the travesty.

    • She first visited Medard H. Nelson Elementary School to play with the kids.
    • She then spoke to students at Etna Karr Junior High School in New Orleans.
    • And lastly she spent time with USA Harvest serving dinner meals to Hurricane Victims at Camp Hope Emergency Communities in Violet, Louisiana.
    Now here's one celeb that is actually helping the less fortunate.I personally love that she took time from her busy schdule to participate in this event. I'm sure everyone including the kids appericated it.:heart:
    0002.jpg 001.jpg 020.jpg 002.jpg 004.jpg 006.jpg 012.jpg 014.jpg
  14. Good for her! At first i didnt regonize her because she wasnt wearing make-up!
  15. It's good to hear celebrity power being put to positive use!