Hilary Duff

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  1. So cute! Does anyone know what it's called? I've seen this bag in magazines in black and gold metallic before, is it YSL?
    0048hz.JPG 0073da.JPG 0098rh.JPG
  2. it looks like YSL but i'm not really sure...hopefully someone else will come along who knows more info. Its really cute though i think i would like it better in black.
  3. It's definitely YSL. It's really not my cup of tea... but here're some pics of the other color options:
    YSL_bags.jpg yves_metallic_bow_bag.jpg
  4. :huh: oh... it looks much better on hilary duff then in the regular pics... seeing them makes me like it not so much...:Push:
  5. yeah, they look super glossy on those stock photos...

    they definitely look MUCH better in pink...
  6. YSL for sure. I've been wanting that one!
  7. Very cute.
  8. I like it in black! I really like the cap shes wearing too :heart:
  9. very girly.. very cute!! how much is is?
  10. agree...not my cup of tea either
  11. Where can I find this and how much does it retail? Anywhere online?
  12. VERY cute!
  13. cute! Does anyone know how much is it?
  14. it looks so much cuter in person!
    the metallic leather one is $845
    and the nappa leather bag is $1145
    you can get them at Saks.
  15. it looks cute!:heart: