drive LV
Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
I think this is an elegant business bag, that is roomy. I do not see a lot of these on here. I was wondering does anyone have one? Can you post your comments on it and pictures? Also does anyone know if it is going to be discontinued? I think I will get this bag if the Tate is too small to me.


May 25, 2008
I haven't heard of the Highbury, but I searched it up right now!
It is a beautiful bag and I like the shape. Here is a picture of it :smile:

But I really like the Tate better. The gold plate makes it more elegant! Get the Tate! ; )


Love it ALL
Jul 23, 2008
The tate is gorgeous!!! However if you're really looking for a business bag then you should go with the Highbury.


*alpha chi omega*
Apr 16, 2008
Los Angeles/ Orange County, CA
its comfortable as a shoulder bag and cute, . BUT i hated how it folds in the middle. its like so much wasted space.. you can't really see, but its like a long piece that folds in half and the 2 straps keep the fold down.. i dunno it was just alot of wasted space.. without that fold and to juts have a liner/seperator would've been much better
Sep 24, 2006
The Golden State
I have the Highbury --- have had it for almost two years and it still looks brand new. I'm not sure if this will be discontinued, though. From all the choices I had of all the Damier bags at the time, this one screamed class and sophistication to me. I also loved the fact that it was a unique style. Everytime I have worn it, I get lots of compliments. Even an LV guard complimented me on it, lol, and told me it was the nicest Damier bag he's seen.

It's really a great shoulder bag; it stays on my shoulder with no problems. The fold inside the bag does take up a lot of room, but it keeps my stuff in place as you have two separate areas for your things. Plus it also has that front pocket where you can store additional items.

Check out the Tate IRL and compare it to the Highbury. Pick the bag that calls your name out the loudest. lol If I had the choice again today, I still would pick the Highbury. It's unique. Good luck with your decision!!


Jun 28, 2006
At the beach
I didn't try the Tate, I'll have to check them one out. I tried the Highbury on tonight. I loved it! Great shoulder bag. Fits comfortably on the shoulder and has a zippered closure.

The price was $1760.

This bag in it's shape and construction reminds me of the Hermes GAO. Only the LV is about $2500 less money than the Hermes.

It seems like a great bag. I'm going to consider it.