HI HO HI HO its off to Honolulu I go!!!

  1. Well, today DH surprised me and said his meeting had been moved up to tomorrow, which gave me a free afternoon. He also surprised me with a plane ticket to Honolulu to pick up my goodies at H!!!!!!!! I leave in an hour. only a 50 minute flight and YAY!!!

    Wow, that was unexpected...I thought I wouldnt l make it for another couple of weeks.... So in a few short hours, I will see my NEW barenia evelyne for the first time!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Unfortunately, my SAs are BOTH OFF TODAY!!!
    :sad: :sad: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    But I have to go...DH was so pleased with himself, I have to go today. They are going to try to call one SA, she had said she might work later this afternoon. I hope I get to meet her???!!!!
  2. YAY! That is so exciting! CAnnot wait to hear all about it and see lots of pics! Have a wonderful time!!!!
  3. :yahoo: ......LOTS of Luck!
  4. woohoo! have fun!!
  5. Can't wait for the report!! Have fun!
  6. Ooooo, rub that barenia for me!!!
  7. CB, i'm delighted for you, really. :yes: safe trip.

    but i must add this footnote: just once i want to post about how i'm off to honolulu . . . .
  8. and smell it for me too! good luck, CB! post pics as soon as you get back! :yes:
  9. wooohoo! cant wait to see everything. actually can't wait for YOU to see everything!
  10. how awesome!!!!!! now that is what i call "high rolling"!!!! flying somewhere just to shop!!! NICE!!!
  11. Exciting!!!! Have a great trip!!!!
  12. thats funny....the flight is only $29 each way, so i would say its "low rollin" !!!!:rolleyes:

    but thanks PBC, it FEELS pretty luxe, but it isnt really, it just old cobaltblu pickin' up some stuff!! :p

    I'm off!! See you in 8 hours!
  13. how fun! no matter what the ticket price is, I'd say a trip to Hawaii at the drop of a head is luxe! Have fun and posts lots of pictures :p
  14. Have an awesome time!!
  15. Yay CB! Looking forward to your return!