Hi and Bonnie satchel


Mar 5, 2006
Hello ladies! I am a newbie. I am addicted to this site already. I have had the opportunity to read a number of these threads and you ladies know your stuff. I have a lot to learn. At any rate, I am so glad I found this site and look forward to sharing the passion for Coach.

I purchased a black/white signature Bonnie satchel and matching wallet for a total of $187.06. I thought I would like it, but I think I'm bummed out about having so many black bags. In the store, it looked okay. However, when I got it home, I didn't love it as much. I would like to know your honest thoughts on this bag.
Hello and Welcome! You are now officially a member of the Coach Cult! Just by joining you have unkowingly surrendered all of you will power and ability to think logically when in the presence of Coach bags. You will now notice that you will have an out of body experience when shopping for Coach products. This is normal, do not be alarmed. Those that love you and care for you will try and convince you that you have some sort of problem or addiction. Do not listent to them.
Great to have you!


May 29, 2007
i have the same bag as yours and ive gotten so many compliments for it already!people just love the colour combi of this bag :biggrin: :biggrin:


Apr 1, 2009
in a New York state of mind
I have this bag in coral/fuschia and ADORE it! I almost bought it in black leather but my husband insisted he loved the pink and I am so glad now! The color is gorgeous. I would say to trade yours in for some color.


Bags, Bags & Bags!
Jul 1, 2009
Jersey Shore
I have the Bonnie Satchel in Linen Lurex & I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! It is my everyday bag. I have never ever been a fan of the signature fabric until this beauty! It is light & goes with everything!!

I don't know where you live but have you given thought to if you would use it in the winter? It could be used to "brighten" up an outfit especially if you wear a dark coat. However, if you are not "feeling" the bag then I would say return it. No matter what you spend if you don't like it it is wasted money.