hermès "wildlife" sightings

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  1. i jsut thought about opening a thread to post where an what bags we see every day in wildlife (means on the streets with friends etc) :flowers:

    today: i am not feeling well today/the heat is killing me i don´tknow why) so a friend came over to cheer me up and she did just by carrying her blue roi ostrich bolide :love:
  2. No sightings in my neck of the woods yet....and, quite frankly, unless I head out of Berkeley either into San Fran, Marin or down the Peninsula, there may only be MY bags I sight!
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. I live in Minnesota so NEVER see Hermes bags. I am not kidding when I say this - I think I have seen two in the past year here. :cry:
  5. I have never seen an Hermes bag here in NC in my life. Now when I go to Atlanta next week MAYBE I will get lucky.
  6. I generally see nice bags in our tourist town in the summer - last year an orange birkin! Otherwise it's only in Boston and rarely an Hermes!
  7. I saw an asian lady with a BEATIFUL BLUE ROI croc. birkin 35 cm inside of Hermes store in NYC. It was really gorgeous.
  8. The only time I have Hermes sightings is when I go to the mall where my local boutique is located. I think I've had about 6 sightings in a year.

    When I was in Singapore a month ago, I went to the mall adjacent to Ngee Ann City and Takashimaya and I had 6 Hermes sightings within the span of several hours!! 1 Black 35 Birkin, 1 Black 30 Birkin, 2 Gold 30 Bikins, 1 Cognac Ostrich 30 Birkin, and 1 Cognac Ostrich 31 Bolide.
  9. I'm going to faint if I saw that in person!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:

    Ummm........today I don't see any birkins or kellys sightings but I do see one young lady in her school uniform carrying a huge plume in orange leather. 16-year-old already owns such kind of EXPENSIVE BAG!!! :blink:
  10. I spotted a stylish lady downtown carrying a beautiful black 30 CM Birkin today with Palladium hardware! It was beyond chic though I felt quite bad since it was pouring today and her Birkin was getting wet!!

    A few weeks ago I spotted a woman with the most divine black croc Birkin. It was just jaw dropping, I couldn't stop staring at it. I was at Moma and I couldn't even focus on the art while she was around I just kept staring at the bag. :shocked: The only other time I've been that awe struck is when I saw a fabulously chic older woman carrying a green croc Birkin. It was perhaps the classiest thing I've seen. Its much rarer for me to see an exotic skin bag so whenever one is around I just cant help but look.

    I think I see Birkins fairly frequently, not every day or anything but enough to make me take notice of it. Depends on the area I'm in, uptown I see alot more Hermes whereas downtown I tend to see loads of trendier bags. Though Birkins pop up in strange places I once saw a girl carrying her Blue jean birkin on the E train!! I see Birkins much more than I see Kelly's which strikes me as a little unusual but maybe it isn't. Either way, New Yorkers have got a lot of style. I think I spot so many Hermes bags because I've yet to get one and my mind is just focused on them :biggrin:
  11. Boca Raton in Neiman Marcus...35 black box birkin with gold hw...she had it stuffed! She was in the designer salon (shoes of course)
  12. lol - i see H bags all the time in my neighborhood.

    here's what i've seen lately:
    shiny croc rouge VIF birkin - GH
    shiny dark green croc HAC - PH
    black togo HAC - GH
    40 cm barenia birkin - GH
    gold birkin w/ white stiching - GH
  13. At Barneys in Beverly Hills and around the neighborhood:

    Vert Anis 35 cm birkin
    Black glazed croc 30 cm birkin
    Black 40 cm birkin
    A couple of gold 35 cm birkin
    Blue Jean 28 cm rigide Kelly
  14. hooray hooray. went out in the rain and it paid off. went to a sample sale, bought loads of stuff and saw a 28 black clemence or togo birkin with palladium. waiting in the long line was a breeze with that view.
  15. oops - make that a 30cm. hehe, good thing i don't write for vogue. :rolleyes:
    it looked like a really terrific size, i must say, for an every day bag.
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