Hermès silk in the height of summer, wear or not?

Mar 25, 2021
If it’s hot outside, to the point of almost being very sticky, and you’ve slathered yourself with sunscreen, what are the ways of wearing your 90 scarves without overheating and without accidentally staining them with sunscreen? It’s getting very hot outside and I also have a holiday coming up, and it would be a shame not to wear my scarves. I know some people (or at least Hermès) like to wear them in their hair/on their head, but that’s not really my thing… What’s the general consensus on this?
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Apr 28, 2021
I will often start the day with a scarf tied in some way around my neck and then, if it gets too warm, I'll wrap it around my bag.
Generally I try not to baby my stuff...life is simply too short to save everything for a special occasion so I have definitely worn a silk scarf in the rain (an unexpected downpour) and I carry beautiful bags, H and others, even if rain might be in the forecast...I live in the PNW!


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May 12, 2019
I was in Spain for a vacay just last month in May where the temperatures went to 38 deg C on some days. I had only checked the weather forecast right before our flight and was mortified because I thought it would be spring :yucky:

I ended up wearing several of the 90cm silks that I had packed as blouses on the days the temperatures went past 30 deg C, and I found them AMAZING in the heat because of how lightweight they were! I'm going to do it for every summer holiday destination in the future that doesn't require me to be covered up to respect local customs.

I had to slather on lots of sunscreen on my exposed skin, but I was careful not to touch my scarves and I think my husband was way more miserable in his cotton T-shirts than I was. With a fan in my hand, I survived all the hottest days :P

I wear a bandeau top under my scarves so I don't accidentally expose myself. I think it helps to take some of the yucky sweaty feeling away too. Once I got home, I hand-washed all my scarves with the Laundress Delicate Wash and they were as good as new thereafter! I would only worry about not getting stubborn stains like food or wine on the silk.

I enjoyed wearing them so much that I made a Reel on my IG on how to wear 90cm scarves as a blouse, for whoever is interested!
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Feb 24, 2020
- up to about 28/30 degrees C: silk blouse or silk shirt with scarf (90s or 140s summer silk) just bifold hanging around neck/shoulders
- above 30 degrees: Maxi Twilly / Maxi Twilly slim/cut or now new Muffler
(yes, I have soo much fun with my scarves (maybe addicted??), but I always stay in the shade),
if it gets too hot, scarf / Maxi T comes around the bag,
- above about 35 degrees: try to stay at home ...
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Aug 29, 2006
My silk scarves only come out when it’s cold, I’m prone to throat diseases and the scarves protect it.
That said, I haven’t worn them in the last years because it’s quite hot in the office also during winter!
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Sep 2, 2012
I don't have any hermes scarves but I like wearing my scarves like a tie. When it gets hot, i might make it more like a loosened tie which works with scarves since it doesn't look strange like it would with a tie. On that note, when it gets hot, I tend to use my scarves more as head pieces. I wear them in nice shapes more like a head band. Something like a twilly is perfect for this and also why I am hoping to buy some twillies.