Hermes Secret Santa Gift Reveal!!!

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  1. Ok ladies, this is the place to reveal who has been naughty or nice, and show us those wonderful goodies your secret santa sent you!

    Happy Holidays Everyone:heart:
  2. Already?!
  3. Yep! Some of our Secret Santa's have already sent their gifts out (present santa excluded:P), so it was time for us to get this thread ready to go.
  4. Oh Lordy.....I better get on the stick!!!!!
  5. What kinda stick we talkin 'bout here? :happydance:
  6. This is so much fun. I am as excited about sending something as getting something!!!!
  7. .....welllllll........i'm kinda wanting one of them lizard banana coin purses.....:upsidedown:
  8. You're too easy! Hold out for an exotic in a VIP color.:graucho:
  9. Express-posting mine in the AM!!
  10. I still need to shop. I'm soooo behind!!!
  11. Is it really the time to reveal?! I'd ordered the gift online for the person to whom I'm secret Santa, but it still has yet to arrive.
  12. oh oh !! this reminds me I gotta go ship those gifts SOON....:sweatdrop: it's been sitting here... will get them out tomorrow !!!
  13. Mines going tomorrow, I am now worried about it!!!!
  14. I'm shopping today and will DHL tomorrow!!!
  15. No rush ladies! We all have until 12/15!!! So no need to drive yourselves nuts!