***Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat***

  1. I just adore this thread. I finally have my own contribution to add.

    Ladies, I've been just stunned with how much I love my new Alfred bag. I honestly didn't think I would fall in love with it like I have, but it is so perfect for so many unexpected reasons. Here he is, from a different angle (but still in the passenger seat) of my car. I decided not to do him up all pretty and show him off as he is used...with headphones, bag charms, and sunnies hanging off willy-nilly. He's excited to get on the plane to Paris on Monday!!

  2. Thank you
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  3. Two gorgeous bags!!!!!!!
  4. So casual and chic!!!! Have a great trip to Paris!!!!!
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  5. Thank you so much ehy!
  6. Riding with Ms Paradise yesterday running errands. Happy Sunday everyone !! IMG_1492373499.383377.jpg
  7. You are so prepared for this trip. Do report live from the Paris. Good luck !!
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  8. Thanks
  9. Happy Easter everyone. IMG_1492408122.452957.jpg
  10. Well well well aren't we fancy!!!??? Such a stunning pic dear! Your car interior is dreamy and everything looks so perfect!!!! LOVE!
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  11. Taking Miss Evie to grocery shopping~ DSC_1411.JPG
  12. You are an amazing human being...thank you so much for y
    You are just an amazing friend...thank you so much for your comments my dear dear dear friend!
  13. Awesome bag! I was trying to figure out the cool looking white contraption in the picture. It took me a while to notice that it's a headphone. DUH!:doh:
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  14. IMG_20170421_164430_20170422014330965.jpeg k28 trench :smile:
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  15. Ms. Trench is finally out with the proud owner !! She is gorgeous.
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