***Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat***

  1. This is sooooooo beautiful!!!
  2. Gorgeous!!!
  3. Miss rouge vif has freckles - she is adorable!
  4. Gorgeous Also, twinning this is my favorite bag!
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  5. Pulled out my BJ B30 for the spring yesterday and took a "Carfie"... IMG_3410.jpg
  6. IMG_1491406961.601799.jpg

    Morning coffee with Miss Lindy
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  7. IMG_1358.JPG Out and about with miss P!
  8. IMG_1491418738.325471.jpg
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  9. Uhhhhm... how did I miss this bag!????? Lovely dear!! The twillies really pop too !!!!
  10. Thank you! I love this Twilly so much. It has two tones, and it goes with many colors.


    Here is the black tone with Chartreuse JPG.
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    Cross-posted since she's my latest purchase, but here's Miss GP36 (noir epsom) in all her minimalist vibe today gp-noir copy.jpg
  12. Gorgeous...LOVE the fendi strap!
  13. IMG_4544.JPG
    Day trip with Ms. 32
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  14. First trip out!

  15. IMG_1492049550.777930.jpg

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