Hermes Lindy 30 in Bougainvillea..


Aug 28, 2009
Hi ladies,

i am new to hermes and i am liking the Bougainvillea color but i am not sure what is the real color since there no hermes store in the country where i live.

i searched the color reference library and saw different styles for this color. some pictures appears to be too pink while some appears to be orangey.

i hope someone can help me figure out what the real color. TIA! :smile:

i am planning to use it as a daily bag or all around bag. i am in my mid 20s so i think a poppy color will do me good :smile:


Jun 17, 2011
it is very difficult to capture the true colour in a depends on the time of day, camera settings etc...if you get to travel to a city with a H store, ask to see the leather swatches for the colours in different leathers and also check with the SA if they are any leather goods in the store in this colour so you get an idea...H colours also vary by the different leathers. the lindy comes in swift and clemence as far as i know and both takes colour really well.

agree with you that a pop colour for a lindy will suit you..HTH


Mar 11, 2009
Please also note that some leather is more "easy to care" than others. You may find more details from this forum! :smile:


Apr 1, 2008
H Land
I have a bougainville picotin in clemence leather for your reference.

In clemence leather, Bougainville is a peachy/slight pinkish red. There is no orange undertone at all. I call it my cheerful red;)

I also have a Bougainville bearn wallet in chèvre Mysore leather, the color is more intense/red compared to bougainvillea in clemence.

Again, bougainvillea has no orange undertone in both leathers.


Mar 17, 2010
USA, Texas
Here is bougainvillea in matte croc in a Lindy 30. The type of skin / leather really does change the way the color appears.



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Dec 8, 2007
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To describe it as a watermelon red would be quite accurate. It has orange undertones. The only thing is that since it is 2 years old and no longer in production, you may not find it easily.

Personally, I find it a difficult color to carry and match with anything I own. I am young too, but a truer pink or red is definitely easier for me.


Apr 13, 2009
Great bougainvillea pictures ladies! I do find it the hardest H color to photograph accurately but it's definitely a warm coral pink, not a cool bluish color. I adore this color, wear it with nearly everything and would buy it again in a heartbeat. The important thing is how it looks against your skin though. If you like this color in makeup and nail polish, you'll love this bag. Happy hunting!

The first picture is a Bolide in Clemence in sunlight, very close to the real color, and you can see how much darker it looks where the shadows hit:

The second one is taken on the same day, but inside and it looks pinker than it really is:

The Kelly Cut in Swift (sadly not mine) is noticeably darker and brighter and more pink/red, so I think that leather would give you more of a pop of color than clemence for a Lindy:

The chevre wallet is a bit darker, brighter and pinker than clemence, but not as much so as swift:




Sep 27, 2007
bougainvillea is a very nice reddish-pink and i think i like it better in clemence leather. it's a pop up color and would be very nice in lindy! :smile: HTH