Hermes Jige as Laptop Bag

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  1. Hi

    I apologize if this has been asked...but I couldn't find any threads on this.

    Does anyone know if the Jige can be used as a laptop holder? I've noted that the size of a GM is 13.5"x10"x2" which means they can only be used for the small mini netbooks? But is it "padded" enough? Or is this a bad idea?

    What do people use when they put their laptops in their birkins?

  2. I use a laptop sleeve from Built NY. I don't think I would use a Jige. Not padded enough, fussy with the flap (as opposed to a top zipper) to get in and out of at an airport, etc.
  3. I'm afraid that Jige GM is way too small for most of the laptops. As mistikat said before, it's not padded, so for sure it's not a safe way to carry your precious laptop, though it would be very good looking! :tup:
  4. DiamondS and mistikat,

    thanks for the feedback. i agree that it will look fabulous but it is probably better to have a working laptop :-p
  5. I put my naked laptop in my Birkin. No issues.
  6. the Birkin is leather lined tho, while the Jige is only canvas lined.
  7. I would think it will be quite heavy to have a laptop in the B. Well, depends on the size of your laptop, of course!
    In terms of laptop bag, I would go for the proper ones with the shock absorbers, rather than the superstylish Jige!
    Just my opinion!
  8. yes, silly me! i've seen some of it but not all the sizes... but i personally think there may be a chance to put a netbook in the largest one now, perhaps the Sony Vaio one :smile:

    having said that, i think the laptop would need some cushioning support, so there goes that idea
  9. I wouldn't put a laptop in my Jige, it's box and not broad enough for a laptop. I think the usage would look horrible after a while and crack the leather. But my Jige is box leather. Dunno how it would be with some softer leathers...
  10. Have you thought of a Depeche? That would do it.
  11. thanks for the suggestions.. i was thinking more of the GM size as a holder so that i can put it into another bag. the depeche is more like a briefcase, right?
  12. ^ Ah I see, yes the Depeche is like a briefcase. Sorry, I thought you were looking specifically for a laptop case rather than an insert.
  13. The comment with all the 'you're joking right?' wasn't very tasteful.

    I had also contemplated the Jige or any sort of leather envelope style pouch as a case for my 13" mac book. Obviously, it's not suitable from the comments made on this thread, but I for one, would appreciate any suggestions of a laptop pouch made by Hermes :smile:
  14. I have always thought the Jige in the larger sizes looked like a business portfolio and I don't see why you couldn't put a laptop or notebook in one. My Sony Vaio notebook is tiny... I think the screen is 11" and it only weighs 2 pounds. Personally, I don't think this is your best choice but you'd have to try it to see if it works for you.

    Good luck! I hope you find just what you're looking for!!
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    What kind of attitude is that?

    Certainly not the attitude I look for on TPF. Keep your ridiculing smartypants remarks to yourselves.