Hermes in the city...or your hometown.

  1. okay I was just wondering. We are from everywhere. Small towns and big....

    how does your Hermes fit in?

    I am from a big town in the south...and even here with a Hermes store I do not see them a bunch.

    most people carry LV or Coach....with some YSL, fendi, etc etc.

    Also, when I visit my parents...they are from a good sized town with no fashion. I stick out so big time with my birkin, etc.....

    None of my friends carry nice bags, etc.

    What about you...does your Hermes fit in? stand out?

    any funny stories? how are your friends when you carry you birkin, kelly, etc
  2. since there is no hermes near where i live, the nearest is manchester, i see no hermes!
    there is a big international student population and a few high end boutiques which sell fendi and chloe and stuff like that so i see plenty of other brands.
    the best time for bag spotting is graduation time when families come from all over the world to see their kids graduate from university, then i see one or two asian women with birkins.
  3. When I wanted to buy a Gucci Hassler Tote, with the half snaffle bit, I was a little uncomfortable, because it was flashier than my usual style, esp for rural MT, but my best friend from New York screamed at me that everyone would think that I bought it at the "feed store," because of the big bit. The H bags fly right under the radar.
  4. Once in a blue moon, someone will compliment me, but most of the time, Hermès is totally under the radar in Upstate NY. It is invisible. Fortunately, I buy to please myself, not others!
  5. this comment really stuck out at me. upstate, ny is probably my favourite place in the world. its where i spent my childhood summers- in the catskill mountains, and went exploring later on as a young adult. much of upstate, ny is very non-fashion, unpretentious, wild and generally farm town. you'll sooner meet someone who knows about Hermes for their horse saddles than for their handbags, but mostly you won't even meet anyone who knows the brand at all. it really fascinates me that anyone living up there would be an Hermes fan! Do you live more in the Westchester area or do you live in the truly rural parts?
  6. born and raised in two big US cities on either side of the coast. no problems getting to Hermes here and no problem with people recognizing the brand in most areas.
  7. I see it every day.
  8. I tend to see TONS when I'm on the Upper East Side and some around other parts of the city (W.Vill, UWS etc.) but there are definitely neighborhoods that are H-free.
  9. This summer I am in NYC, in Nolita, and I see a birkin once or twice a week, and when I'm uptown, more often. I saw a woman here the other week who had the little trim bag with tassel detail...

    Normally, in my hometown (tampa, fl), i've only ever seen one. Everyone buys LV or Gucci.
  10. I generally see nothing around me which is just fine! However, whenever I go to Boston I usually see one...and on occasion in the summer in the touristy section of town...I have seen an orange birkin and almost got hit trying to get closer lol!!! In my nearby very small city I now see LV all over whereas I formerly didn't...
  11. I never see it in my town. I live in a mid sized city in Alabama, no Hermes anywhere near here. I don't think most people that live here have even heard of it. There are not a lot of designer bags period here, not even the fake ones. I see a lot of Vera Bradley and a lot of fabric bags that are monogrammed (monogram items are HUGE here.)
  12. When I lived in Hong kong I saw Hermes everywhere I go. It seems like everyone in Hong Kong knows about Hermes. Now I live in Beverly Hills, I see birkins everywhere too. I have three GFs carry birkins only. They have very bad influrence on me. :tup:. I guess it's a good thing.
  13. I'm living in Birkinstock Village, aka Portland Oregon, and NO ONE knows that my pretty blue bag is actually a Birkin except the girl at my Starbucks who nearly fainted upon seeing it. She is the only one to know without a doubt what I was carrying. Everyone here carries MJ, LV or Coach because that's all that is sold here. I've seen a couple Chanels and one fake red Birkin (eew), but that's it. Hoping for more sightings at Blazer games. That's when the girls bring out the bling. Seriously. That's about all we've got going on here in casual P-Town.
  14. well there's going to be one more girl in pdx carrying a birkin this weekend as I'm going to be down there for a soccer tournament in tigard, so if you go to that big mall and see someone carrying a gold birkin, come and say hi. Otherwise, in my town up north no one even knows anything but coach or LV. Seattle sometimes I see a few other bags but this is a coach state all the way. that may change when the new Hermes opens in 2009.
  15. I am in a suburb area of a big Texas city. I see Hermes bags when i go into the city but I have never seen another one in the "burbs"

    Most of the people here do carry designer bags: Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, LV but no Hermes