Hermes Help - Sac Mallette Lockout!

  1. Dearest Ladies of PF,
    You all rock! Not sure what's better - the enabling or overall knowlege you all share! I hope I can get some advice about my little bag? I'm embarassed to say, that although I bought it six yrs ago I only just found out 'what' it was last year, and now, it is really making me nutso that I've never seen the lower compartment! :hysteric:
    It did not have the keys (I found it at a yard sale!) when I bought it and I knew it was special but took me a long time to ever see a pic of another one. This one looks a lot like it too: voyages,louis vuitton luggage paris,handbag hermes paris,goyard trunk,vuitton handbags,hermes
    Here's my dilemma: I think the closest boutique is in San Fran, and I would rather send it to H, and let them do their magic to her...BUT, while I think that the bottom is empty, I don't know for sure! Even the woman who sold it to me joked about whether there was a previous owner's 'treasure' hidden in there! Anyway, the nut is that I would rather be present when someone opens it, or, get keys, since the locks are both solid. (I would not be so sad to fly her to San Fran either, he-he-he!!)
    Help????? Any advice is appreciated, I am just looking to maintain the integrity of the piece, it is gorgeous. I've never carried it, it has always been in sight in my closet's 'bag museum' though!
    Thanks in advance ladies - the bag is the one in my avatar - inside (of the top!) is greeeen and sofffft and stamped with the Honore address - anyone know how I can figure out her 'birthday'?
    Peace and bag bliss,
  2. Hi there!

    Welcome! :flowers: WOW - what a great find! I would take it to an Hermes store in person (after calling and finding out if they will attempt to open it right there). ANY excuse to go to an Hermes shop is a good excuse and this is one of the best! You'll learn so much about it and have tons of fun, I'm sure!

  3. Not 100% sure about the year, but I believe bags stamped Hermes with the Honore address were fabricated before 1959. I have a similar model without the jewelry case and have never been able to find the datestamp. You'll have to ship it to Beverly Hills, or some other store with a craftsman to get that thing unlocked. But be prepared in the likelihood that they have to ship it to Paris for that type of work.
  4. Thanks Frenchie, of course my DH tries keep me away from those places at all costs..poor guy, he just doesn't get it!
    Thanks HermesGroupie - your croc is so beautiful! A trip to Paris with the Sac sounds even better than San Fran, but perhaps first I'll call Beverly Hills then and see what they recommend?? The lock hardware really is so solid! Thanks for the tip about the age, It is really hard to tell by looking at the bag, it was well loved and preserved by the prev owner judging it's condition and potential age. Of course, that's what I think sets Hermes above is the quality; when I was a young girl and rode horses, I drooled for their saddles...thanks again ladies, have a good night!
    What a glorious bag! And what a fascinating story!

    Sorry I can't offer useful advice, but I'm dying to know what happens!

    edit: Actually, I do have a thought...find the best locksmith in your area and have him pick the lock right in front of you. Great locksmiths know how to do this without damaging the lock. A lock of that age isn't going to be that complicated, certainly it's no Medeco-style lock.
  6. so exciting...keep us posted!
  7. That is the most lovely bag! Good luck!!
  8. I've wanted so badly to do this, but, I'm afraid Hermes might 'disown' it, or am I just being paranoid!? Any thoughts? Thanks again for the encouragement aand help - I want to be good to my find - Good bag karma you know! :angel:

    Edit: The entire story about this bag is pretty amazing - a fellow bag hag and I co-own it and trade 'guardianship' of it...I'd imagine we're headed to the Hills of Beverly with it next!
  9. I think you should just take it to Hermes to get that compartment opened. I'm sure your bag isn't the first to get locked out:yes: .
  10. Wow what a find!
  11. What yard sale did you go to? LOL! What a find! Please keep us updated, this is so interesting :yes:
  12. That is a great find! By the way, what is the bottom part for?
  13. It's a jewelry box. This is a train case designed for travel and for a time when women changed frequently during the day.
  14. ^^ Thanks hermesgroupie.
  15. I can understand this. Have you just called Hermes and just asked what's the recommended thing to do in your case? It'd be a shame if you took it in, and they determined it'd have to go to Paris without you! It certainly would be nice to verify there's not a diamond necklace in there.

    If it had belonged to my mother, there'd certainly have been something in there. She's one of those people who squirrel away both valuable and not-at-all valuable things everywhere. I've been working on trying to cure her for the past forty years to no avail. Two months ago, I told her I'd take her car in for detailing. At the last minute, I realized I should probably empty her trunk. And what did I find rattling around in there? A huge emerald/diamond ring along with a lesser but wholly gigantic amethyst ring. Fortunately, both were in ring boxes, but it just shows that even people who have nice stuff can be careless with it.