Hermes Handbag - The muzzle

  1. This is the Mangeoire but I call it the Muzzle. Notice the quality of the workmanship of these bags in picture #4. Simple and elegant.
    muzzle1.JPG muzzle.JPG muzzle3.JPG muzzle4.JPG muzzle5.JPG
  2. I came so close to buying this one last year. It is soooooo cute!!
  3. I have one myself. It's such a fun bag.
  4. Very nice bag, I think one of these is on eBay right now.
  5. ooooh gorgeous
  6. What a great collection!
  7. I looove the Mangeoire...what leather is it ? It's on my wishlist....:rolleyes:
  8. ^^ me too, duna -- i always knew you had great taste!

    (btw, jeter's second set of biopsies came back w/ no cancer! :yahoo:so i don't need to be hoarding cash and will pm you this weekend. :graucho: )
  9. ...Oki doki.....
  10. Wonderful news, DQ!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    That bag is precious!!! So whimsical!
  11. baggs, i saw that one on eBay too -- but i thought the rope handle might be uncomfortable. KC, how do you find the rope handle feels?

    HG, do you have the one that's open on top, or the drawstring version?
  12. I am bumping this thread becos I saw this online and am intrigued by it. :heart:

    How many versions do this bag comes in? I counted 3.
    1 of them is rope handle.
    2 of them leather - one with drawstring and one without?

    A scarf can use to "loop" throu the holes in the bag, was it designed for that purpose?
    It's supposed to be a feeding bag right? (I got tons of questions:biggrin:) :smile:

    sebm20415-1b.jpg sebm20415-2b.jpg
  13. What a bit of whimsy!!

    Great questions PrincessFrog - would love the answers.
  14. Yes, you can weave a scarf through it. Yes, it is based on a feedbag. There is also another type that has a removable cloth liner, which does not have a drawstring closure.
  15. Oh my goodness this is such a cute bag. Love it