Hermes Epsom or Togo leather

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  1. I am still new to Hermès but Epsom would be my least favorite choice, just like Taïga is my least favorite leather at Louis Vuitton.
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  3. Epsom's not water-resistant. I would take Togo out in the rain (and do) but not Epsom. Of course, it's not ideal to soak any bag, but I have any Epsom SLG with water marks and no marks on anything Togo I own including Birkins and Kellys.

    On the briefcase question and why it would be rereleased in Epsom, Epsom is lighter and less expensive than other leathers, and I don't think most briefcase-wearers put their bags through as much as a B35 tote goes through.

    Lots of folks love Epsom and in the end it's really a personal choice, but you can see most folks here are recommending Togo in this specific case.
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  4. My husband is looking to get a briefcase and he would much prefer the structured Epsom to the more tactile Togo, which suits a more slouchy look. Epsom corners don’t wear out that fast, it will be years. if not decades before they show visible wear. Also to clarify, when I said Epsom is water -resistant, perhaps I should have said water - tolerant. I would not go scuba diving with Epsom , yet because it’s coated it’s easy to wipe off water droplets or even coffee splashed...
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  5. Togo!
  6. Personally I’d go with Togo.
  7. Hello guys! I bought Birkin Gold 35 Togo GWR. I’m so happy!

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  8. Gorgeous!
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  9. Very nice! I’d also choose Togo over Epsom in a B every time, but this is even more true when the color in question is Gold. Personally I think Gold suits the more “natural” look of Togo much more than Epsom.
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  10. Certainly Epsom can look more formal, Togo and heavily grained leathers can look more casual. For a very smart appearance Epsom and the other pressed leathers look sharp for work.
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  11. Looks lovely, Gold will be a good workhorse colour too
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  12. I prefer Togo but have had several Epsom bags/SLGs

    I still think there was a bad batch of Epsom a few years ago. I had a wallet that bubbled up when it got wet. However, my Epsom K has handled rain with no problem at all.
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  13. Togo looks gorgeous
  14. My SA actually told me Epsom can be easily fixed. Now I am not sure.

  15. Wow that’s a very beautiful bag, wanted to get my first birkin too in the same as yours in Paris for my bday, but I don’t know if I will get in luck, love your b