Hermes Epsom or Togo leather

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  1. Togo for durability
  2. I’d go for Togo. Not as lightweight as Epsom but still relatively light weight. Very durable and can be sent to spa for repairs. Epsom is also durable but is difficult to repair.
  3. I would not even consider Epsom, but that said, Epson holds it's shape better than Togo. I like a slouchy Birkin rather than a stiff one. You should consider the shape you want the bag to have as it ages.
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  4. Togo. I wouldn't travel with an Epsom B35...I don't like how they look if used as a workhorse bag.
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  5. I vote Epsom for a 35
  6. for 35cm i would always go for togo
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  7. Thank you very much for the opinions. I decided to buy Togo leather because I travel a lot and I need a handbag that can withstand all of this, haha.
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  8. Lovely- do show us what you get.
    I think it’s worth summarising that Epsom is super light, holds its shape better, takes colour well and is water - resistant. Togo is a far more tactile leather, (and I think it looks better bashed up, ) but a little heavier. Not sure how it deals with water.
    It’s becoming de rigueur to dislike Epsom, yet a better option for many people.
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  9. I'm worried about Epsom skin wear. I've read a lot about Epsom skin that it's more vulnerable and harder to repair. I decided to buy a Togo leather handbag but still thinking about Epsom. Epsom skin has one big plus - water resistance.
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  10. In response to the OP's question on leather between epsom or Togo for a travel/workhorse bag - the response was overwhelmingly for Togo...While not a Birkin, I understand the re release of the Kelly Sac à Dépêchés briefcase will be in Epsom.

    If correct, why would that leather be chosen for such a workhorse type bag? I'm deciding between both styles for exactly same use as OP!

    Thanks to all who have contributed and OP for starting.
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  11. That would be a business decision taken by Hermès. What are the clients requesting and do they even care that much about the exact leather as the people on here? Colors appear different in togo and epsom, that might be more important. Perhaps the texture and appearance of epsom is more popular in the key markets for this bag, which may not be represented on this board. Are the people who might be set on another leather willing to pay for SO? Then there are production costs as well of which some are dependent on the leather. I just want to add that epsom is still a durable leather, and that's coming from someone who really doesn't like epsom.
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  12. Thanks for your views @Liberté. I think I was surprised to be reminded that Epsom can be difficult to repair, for a style of bag that is certainly carried for decades (wild assumption that owners change briefcases much less than handbags, based only on my personal observations). However, this is probably balanced out by the lighter weight of the leather, which for a high utility bag is a ++
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  13. Epsom is harder to repair, in some cases, can’t be repaired. Epsom is not water resistant. Should your bag come into contact with water, dry it ASAP. I like both Togo and Epsom, they are both very durable. I’d go with Epsom when I want the bag to maintain its structure when it ages.
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  14. I wonder if the structure of a briefcase also plays a role here. It all depends on personal preferences. When I submitted my SO for Kelly depeche, my SA reminded me to take into account how the briefcase will look in Epsom and Togo. Epsom will give the briefcase a more structured look.
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  15. In addition to the other comments, Epsom in a 35 B is not likely to hold its shape. It gets wavy in larger size bags. It's great for SLGs or structured bags like sellier kelly. But not big bags IMO. (There is a thread somewhere about a wavy epsom birkin.)
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