Hermes Epsom or Togo leather

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  1. Hello everyone. I'd like to buy a Hermes Birkin 35 bag, but I can't decide what kind of leather. I will want to use it every day and even on travel. How do you think which leather would be more durable and resilient for everyday? or Epsom or Togo? Thank you in advance❣️
  2. Togo!
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  3. Of course Togo- it’s a perfect workhorse :smile:
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  4. Togo
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  5. Durable and resilient — togo

    Lightweight and saturated color — epsom
  6. Togo for sure.
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  7. Togo
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  8. +1
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  9. Togo without hesitation.
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  10. Togo hands down
  11. Togo, it’s durable and I like the softness of Togo. Keep in mind that Epsom is durable but you can’t always fix Epsom. For a Togo B35, you can get a nice insert or a shaper pillow to keep its structure.
  12. Togo or no-go!
  13. Togo hands down everyday of the week and twice on sundays :cool:
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  14. Togo all the way
  15. Togo is sturdy but Epsom is lighter. My pick is Epsom. Good luck!
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