Hermes Enamel

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  1. How many of you have enamel bracelets and do you like them? I was once told by an SA that they were very frail. I've yet to actually buy one.

    Would love to see pics of yours worn.
  2. I own three and really love them; I don't love all the designs so when there's one that's unique and strikes me I get it. Although I'm not the type to bang them around and don't wear them everyday so I can't attest to whether or not they're really frail. No issues with the enamel yet, some tiny nicks on the palladium, but that's about it.
  3. I have one! I love it!!! I've had mine for almost five years or so and wear it every day and it looks good as new. Maybe some tiny dings and scratches on the gold edging but you have to look for them. I worked retail and at a library so it sometimes got banged on the desk and such but I've had no problems with mine. :flowers:

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  4. I have 2 (and one for x-mas coming lol!) and LOVE them! They are extremely light in weight - you don't even feel them! They get a bit scratched but to me are extremely durable - and so fun to wear! I have a thin with gold, and a medium with palladium...and the next one is also w/ph...I am a huge fan of most all H bracelets!! Just found a picture of the thin one..

    agenda pics 003.jpg
  5. Orchids those are so pretty!! I knew crochet had one and for the longest time too - she's got the best testimony as that one looks great...I'm hoping I can stop at 3...
  6. Great pics everyone! :yes: When I worked at J. Jill I banged it against the cement counter once and I thought for sure I would have wreaked it but it was fine...thank God! I am such a klutz. :rolleyes: I try to push it up on my arm if I have typing or some kind of work to do.
  7. Here are a couple of mine, gazoo. I'm normally not a bracelet person at all -- at least I wasn't until I discovered these! Now I've got a couple more on the way for Christmas (but watch out! you'll find it very hard to stop at just one, I think).

  8. Ooooh, I need to try a narrow one soon; shoes & Gina, yours are lovely!
  9. Gina_b
    I love the look of two and two different sizes.
  10. Thanks so much for replies and questions. I wonder about that specific SA more each time as she is usually so grouchy and rushed also. Perhaps she just did not want me taking my time with the bracelets. Gotta say it really affected my shopping of bracelets!

    Anyway GINA what bag is that in front of you???? Leather barenia?? It's beautiful!
  11. Thanks, everyone! Sus, I do too! And I'm working my way to half an armful, if I can possibly help it. ;) I remember seeing a fashion spread in some French glossy mag, and a woman had about seven of them on in different sizes - stunning!

    gazoo, GOOD EYE! it's a 32 retourne barenia kelly (not mine --- at least, not yet! :sneaky: )
  12. Gorgeous picturess ladies! Thank-you!
    Shoes, I looked at your enamel bracelet today with horse carriage etc..., I love it so much! If I get one, I want the one you chose too!!!:heart:
  13. I have a fair few *blushing*, and let me tell you, they're not frail! Mine have taken a pounding.....the only thing is you mustn't allow them to get wet - a splash when wasking your hands os fine, but a soaking is a no-no for the enamel. it blows my mind that Lindsay Lohan wears hers to the beach! She obviously just paddles around in the all those Hollywood types - LOL!!
  14. ^^^^Thanks GF, good tip to know!!!!:idea: