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  1. Thank you! I sincerely appreciate understanding this all better. I’m glad, however, I missed out on the photos in the bathtub and swimming pool.
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  2. I don't feel like the target market at all BUT I was just on zalando (EU based multi brand webshop) and they had what looked like a copycat campaign so clearly this is believed to work.
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  3. I respected what @leechiyong said earlier about perhaps comparing it to teens buying T-shirts of the Rolling Stones. In my 20s, 1975-85, I enjoyed some hedonism in pools and hot tubs, so my then-self can relate although my now-self must say, “eeeuwwww!” ....my Stones are still the only rock band giving me satisfaction.
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  4. I've only seen a couple of rock musicians: Linda Ronstadt and the Stones. Saw the latter when I was 40. It was a great concert.
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  5. Often heard of the “Money Tree” everyone wishes would sprout more green—and yesterday I found one!
    With instructions!
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  6. I’m not sure if this is the right thread for this question ... but I’m looking for a key case and seems like everyone swears by the LV key wallet. I’ve never bought anything LV but just curious what other H ladies use for their keys to protect their bags. Needs to be easy to use too
  7. I just throw my keys into a velvet jewelry pouch to protect my bag. My key fob is too big to fit in most of the key cases I’ve seen.
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  8. summoning @Meta hiii sorry to bother you but wondering if we should get a new 2020 price thread to replace the 2019 one https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/2019-hermes-handbag-prices-no-chatting-please.1002405/

    I know there has been discussions on the usability of that thread but personally it’s been immensely helpful for me!

    Happy new year and thank you for all the hard work you do around here - I get amazed by your ability to pull relevant threads and information! You are not secretly a robot are you? :biggrin:
  9. Done! ;) Thank you for your kind words. :blush:

    As to answer your question, perhaps :borg: ;) Happy 2020 to you! :drinkup:
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  10. Happy 2020 ladies!!!
    I hope new and veteran Chat peeps will pop in and say Hi!

    My family is well. DS has started a new and much better job. DD is in her 3rd year of medical school. DH and I are likely to retire in 2 years. Yikes, time files.

    After so long, I am very close to being completely happy with my handbag and jewelry collection. There are one or two things I'd like to swap out and I'm done. The things I want are not quota items and I may be able to get them in the resale market. I will say, I am happy not to playing the Hermes game any more. Nor paying $10-15K for a handbag.
  11. I was just wandering over the threads and landed on Chat, surprise, surprise.
    EB, no more being a VIP? As one who is not a VIP, I have to ask, how can you give that up? Nobody who is physically able stops climbing Everest if they've made it once. They keep doin' it!!!! So how can you stop? I mean, you have to stop looking at the merchandise for starters. Can you do that?
    Congrats on yr dtr. Third year! Wow, I remember you saying something about how well she did on her anatomy exam during her first year. So what kind of specialist (or generalist) is she going to be?
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  12. I am no longer a VIP. That’s been made quite clear in the past few months. There have been a great deal of staff turnover at the store, including the SM.

    Since the store moved to City Center, it’s a pain in the neck to go to there. The only time I’m in the area is when I go to Caps games. I have not purchased a great deal this year.

    I’ve literally culled 50 scarves and shawls this year. And I still have plenty.

    I can stop, because I’m happy with what I have. Going to VIP events no longer give me quite the same thrill as before. Perhaps I’m changing.
  13. May Lewis the Koala RIP. He was seen crossing the road in a fire-ravaged area in Australia last month. Kangaroos can hop away to someplace safer. Koalas are tree huggers. Their nature is to climb up to the top of a tree to escape danger on the ground like wild dogs. If their tree catches on fire they are not fast or agile enough to jump to another tree.
    A couple on the road saw Lewis start climbing a tree. The woman got out of the car and grabbed him using her blouse as a blanket. She pours bottled water over him b/c he got burned climbing. It's very sad to hear him cry when the water hits the burnt sections (CNN video). The couple transported him to an Aussie animal hospital specialized in koalas. After a week, the hospital decided his case was too advanced to benefit from treatment and he was euthanized. This was a tragedy. The only way I can make sense out of it is that Lewis's last week was probably his happiest. His pain was controlled with medicine and he had all the eucalyptus leaves he could eat (that's all koalas eat, they're very specialized). The staff thought his healthy appetite was what you'd find in a five-star hotel. I looked at the pictures of him chewing away and he looked pretty happy. That's what koalas do: they sleep some 18 to 20 hours a day b/c eucalyptus leaves are minimally nutritious. And they manage without any effort to be adorably cute.
  14. I had some interesting experiences there as well...it was strange. I liked the store better when it was near Tysons.
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  15. I have the LV one bc how it wears and doesn't scratch easily. I hope this kind of helps!
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