Hermes Belt Dilema - Please help

  1. Okay. I've never worn belts but really love the look now. I also had a baby recently and have been shedding baby weight. I tried on the size 95 and it fits on the tightest hole. I tried on the 90 and it didn't fit. Would you buy the one that fits now or get the one that will fit soon as the weight comes off? SA told me to buy large size and just have it cut down. But honestly for the price tag I'd hate to have to have "work done" on the belt just because I was impatient. Hermes is all about patience after all.

    Any advice from those of you that have H belts is appreciated. I realize that with belts these days worn with low slung jeans it is a hard call. Do you buy one belt for slacks and one for jeans??
  2. I had extra holes put in so they could be worn both ways.
  3. Buy the belt that fits now.

    It's a great investment and you can always have more holes punched in later if you need to.
  4. I should add, adding holes may not work for all styles. What belt are you purchasing?
  5. Oh Gazoo - I hear this (can I still count it as baby wieght if my youngest is 2 and half? lol).

    I've never been one for buying things that don't fit. I think it's frauight with danger - for me anyway. How far away (time wise) are you from the 90? Can you hold out and use a scarf for a belt 'till then? (see hlfinn's new pic in the action thread)

    But I do have different sized belts for jeans and slacks now that my jeans are so much lower than my more tailored trousers... good luck :smile:
  6. I recenly gained quite a lot of weights on my last pregnancy and was hoping to lose the them..and I picked up the belt a size up that fits just right then (it fits my pants that's on the waist, but for low low slung jeans it's very tight)..and HOPING that I'd lose some weights and have extra hole never happened..:sweatdrop:

    But I'd suggest you to go for the larger one and later to have another hole punched if you lose the weight.
  7. Ohh..I might add I'm also thinking to get another belt (mini constance) for the low rise jeans..and the one I mentioned above for just regular pants.
  8. Buy the larger one. I have a mini constance in size 70!!!!!!!!! 70!!!!! I can't believe it myself.....and these days (two babies later) it only fits on the larget hole, and around my 'true' waist, no lower......I never wear it.
    I tries on some RTW at my store recently, and flat out refused to look at, or be told the size, because it's the fit that matters to me these days, I don't care about my size anymore....the clothes have to look good, and looking good meand fitting well. Gaz - go the size up, have an extra hole put in later when you need to.
  9. i don't have a hermes belt- yet- but i've of the buy what fits now ilk if it's what you want now. there are so many what ifs in the future that if you buy something in case it might fit then chances are it might not and you're wasting your money. but if you want to wait til you're the size you want to be that's fine too. i think depending on the belt you could easily add holes and make it work now and once you lose more weight!
  10. How long does it take to have extra holes punched (in the NYC store)?
  11. It's done right in front of you, no charge.
  12. ^^ Excellent! I am going to try some on Sat.
  13. With Claude's hole puncher....*nudge, nudge...wink, wink*
  14. :shocked:
  15. I got extra holes punched in my mini Constance by Claude as I watched (and listened to him talk about what leather he liked and why, etc.) and it took no time at all. If you get the larger size and have extra holes punched in, you can have one belt and use with your low slung jeans and also on your true waist for other styles.
    I wouldn't get the smaller size. Too much pressure...