Hermes Barcelona

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  1. Hi girls, I am currently on my way into Barcelona. Only have a few hours before playing a concert- is Hermes in !arcelona worth a stop if on the hunt for a Birkin?
  2. I went to the Passeig de Garcia one and they had a beige one but it was on reservation for someone *rolls eyes*, but that was in May.

    I'd call! Be sure to get a sample espresso at Nespresso ( 2 blocks away!) its so good!
    Happy hunting!
  3. I ended up not having any time to get to the store- sad but it was more important to eat and walk around to get a flavor of the city. Off to Stuttgart now, not sure if I will have time their either. Vienna after that and will definitely take a look there. Anyone been to H in Vienna???
  4. yes,
    i used to live there...
    Vienna H has a great selection on more simple bags as GP,Picotin,Trim,Bolide may scarfs,wallets, agendas....RTW,now in wintertime they concentrate on dark colors....
    Birkin is very rare, Kelly you can find sometimes.
    Hermes Vienna Airport is also great!!!!!
  5. Just say GruB Gott a lot it will get you far.
  6. vienna H selection should be good! Stuttgart -- the Mercedes factory visit is really fun! :smile:
  7. i ADORE barcelona but the H boutique that i saw was so tiny... had to be the smallest one in history (outside of any major international airport.) and their largest ticket item was a trim.