Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

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  1. Swoon! This is a wonderful combo. Thank you for sharing. Delectable K and Samourais.
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  2. I have 2 cws of the PdS including this one, but greedy me would like to be twinsies with both pieces in your pic. Love the colour of Bleu de Malte in ostrich and the K is perfection in every way. You have such great taste and always love your pairings
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  3. Thank you Prinipessa, it is bleu de malte

    Oh yes! We have similar taste... if only i can get my hands on gris t or graphite ostrich.... :heart:

    Thank you dear papertiger! :flowers:

    Thank you Cygne18! :flowers:

    You are too kind dear Serva1! :hugs: Ahhhh no wonder... i thought i have seen your pics of the shawl before in the ode thread! I was so torn between this and the other blue one but decided to go with the more neutral one.
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  4. Ooh bobcat you make me yearn for yellow
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  5. Blue Izmir Evelyne GM with Savana Dance CSGM.
  6. Bleu Izmir Evelyne with Grande Tenue.
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  7. Chanel Salzburg grey embossed calfskin Boy with Etude pour un Iris Arc en Ciel chiffon shawl.
    IMAG0595.jpg IMAG0597.jpg
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  8. Triple of my fave red... Rouge H - RH box k25, RH gator cdc with des chevaux sous le capot cw01 (RH/ocean)

    Close up of the rouge on the shawl. Really intricate details on this shawl! :heart:

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  9. Let's take this wonderfu thread from page 5 (?! :amazed:) to page 1 again! :smile: - Just got myself a DS 36 in Sikkim in Rouge H (finally!! :yahoo:) and Peche. Some of my most beloved shawls and scarfs fit these two colours and I am over the moon to share my small beauty with you:
    IMG_5621.jpg IMG_5631.jpg IMG_5624.jpg IMG_5625.jpg
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  14. Haven’t posted in a while due to inactive scarf wearing...On a Summer Day 140 silk AW 18 with barenia fauborg mini roulis.

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  15. oh, what a lovely combo!