Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

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  1. Love it so much!!! Beautiful!
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  2. Thank you BBC, hehe that was what i thought when i took the pic! :heart:

    Thank you weibandy and all the likes! :flowers:
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  3. I love this pairing! It has a cool, sophisticated and funky vibe!
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  4. Love love love graff csgm. Wish I had snapped up all colourways
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  5. What a surprising but fabulous pairing Gnippohs You did it again! Needless to say I’m green with envy about the CDC
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  6. Thank you lala28! Hope to see more of your beauties here! :heart:

    Me too! Wish i bought the black one too.

    Thanks Serva1, you are always so sweet. :hugs: I bought the cdc pre owned, one of my most treasured!
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  7. Severe Tuesday blues :-s
    H blues are so much better :heart: BdM ostrich with PdS shawl

  8. Love everything in this pic and wish I could be twinsies with both
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  9. Twins on the CSGM.
    LOVE your bag. Such a perfect color for ostrich!
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  10. I’m dying....! But it’s a beautiful death! Lol. Your birdie is gorgeous! Especially with its matching CSGM!
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  11. Thank you Serva1! :heart: Hope you find the pds, the blues on it are q different from other blue shawls

    Thank you texasgirliegirl! i agree (obviously haha) :biggrin: Bdm is neither too dark nor too light, shows off ostrich v well....

    Hahhaha thank you and no dying pls lala28, still wanna see more of your collection! :heart:
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  12. Gorgeous Kelly. What color is it?
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  13. Truly perfect!
    For some reason, ostrich in pinks, or tans remind me of a bad complexion...awful for my mind to go there, I know.
    With the grays and the blues....just gorgeous.
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  14. Even the texture of the quills is mirrored :tender:
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