Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

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  1. Continued from here.
  2. my very first H shawl that still remains my favourite & it matches my new Feu B perfectly :smile:


  3. DD, this is a beautiful combination and love your new Feu B! :love:
  4. What a pretty pairing!
  5. Hi sweetie x I am obsessed with this bag & can't stop using it :biggrin:
  6. Thanks sweetie, I still love this shawl just as much as when I purchased it :biggrin:

  7. DD, that's the best!!! Major congrats again. :hugs:
  8. Such a great combo! Congrats on your new b!

  9. Wow, such a happy combo! Congrats on your new shawl!
  10. what a beauty! congrats!!
  11. :love:Posting a photo of my new Jypsiere 34, along with scarf from last year.

    Thanks for letting me share. I love this colour rouge pivoine.

    Attached Files:

  12. Well...this combo just lifted my mood on a dreary, rainy day. Beautiful!
  13. Great combination and love your De La Mer Au Ciel silk, a wonderful design! :heart:

  14. Love this colour, too! And it's a perfect match with your De la Mer scarf!
  15. Great combo and congrats on your new Feu B!