Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

  1. I like both as well and am having a hard time choosing one over the other. They give different vibes. Blue is more straight-forward playfulness and rose is feminine with a mischievous spirit.
  2. Wait till you see it IRL. I wasn't an Elan nor prune fan until I saw it. It was mine already as soon as I saw it. Magic.
  3. I know we always say and are well aware of how H colors are chameleon, but still, every time you see how it looks totally different under different lights and with different pairings, you're just amazed, and get addicted! :loveeyes::love:
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  4. you are so nice dharma, thank you very much.
    I think can be interesting to see some personal picture in different light situation, that's why I try to
    share my collection sometimes, for me is very useful to see other people point of view and permit to make a better and much more real impression of what is on my wishlist and I think can be the same for all of us.
    Maybe can be misunderstood.. but this is the way I hope my pictures can help you to choose better.
    I do not have instagram, I'm not interested of showing the world my stuff but only here where there are true lovers like me and not interested of collecting "likes" but when I read such a comment like the one you leave for me, at least I'm sure that my message is arrived. :flowers: thank you
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    Your photos are always inspiring and helpful sissy. Thank you for sharing them.
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  6. Ooooh I love! The scarf really brings out the beauty of prune
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  7. Thank you, dear el4b. :hbeat:
  8. mee too I'm more for the blue :smile:)
    thanks cavalla
  9. IMG_1279.JPG My very favorite new bag with my absolute favorite old shawl
    Barenia Kelly w/ La Femme
    On my very favorite thread :smile:
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  10. That's a beautiful Kelly!
  11. Such a beautiful Kelly, and one of my all-time favourite shawls!:heart:
  12. :drool: :heart: dharma!! super-special combo! congrats on the fabulous taste. :smartass:
  13. Thank you, Sissy! i hope to not be afraid of this one and allow it to get as gorgeous as your DH's old bag. That image is burned into my mind forever :love:
    Thank you, Livia!!

    Thank you, hclubfan, I never tire of this shawl and every time I pull it out, I'm in love again. I have one more colorway but could have easily bought every one back then.

    Thank you for the "likes" everyone!!