Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

  1. Thank you eagle - indeed it is a H bag - Samourai is the name - unsure about the year it was issued - must dig into it and have a look for the blind stamp I like to search for the unusual bags - although I wouldn't refuse a K at the right size and colour either!
  2. Errata: I said Samourai above here as the name of the bag - it should have been Shogun - not too far away, though :smile:
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    Have missed this wonderful thread. Iris mousse with mini roulis. Very difficult capturing the nuances of this mousselines colors. This is less intense and has almost a changeant effect in real life.TGIF!
  4. I am in awe over the beautiful watercolor effect of this scarf. You pick the best cws, lanit!
  5. Which CW is this moussie, @lanit? Gorgeous!
  6. Thanks hon! It is a really special colorway in real life. So difficult to caoture!
    It is colorway 04 dear cavalla. Apricot/vert/orange.
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  7. This is so beautiful. Is the roulis vert?
  8. What a stunning pic lanit! Love the moussie and the contrast of your stunning roulis
  9. Thank you kindly eternal!
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  10. flamingo party with havane :smile:

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  11. Thank you dharma yes it is vert anglais evercolor.
  12. Thank you, it's stunning!
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  14. pirouettes au galop and kelly craie amazone 28

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  15. Thank you!
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