Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

  1. Dark blue instead of black? That's EVEN BETTER!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for posting the photos! Gorgeous for sure! :hbeat::hbeat::hbeat::hbeat::hbeat::hbeat:
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  3. Omg thank u so much for the stunning mod shots! This shawl is incredible on u
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  4. Sissy
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  5. Parunes we Samouraïs in cw 05 and SO K25 in Noir Chevre

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  6. Space Shopping au Faubourg CW 01 from the new collection and Evie with Amazone strap:
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  7. Grail bag from the ultimate seller rx.141 - with my ExLenK and Tres Kelly - not an experienced photographer like so many in here, but - I'm in luuuuve :smile:
    IMG_5587.JPG IMG_5588.JPG
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  8. OMG! soooo stunning, and I am so envious....Where did you buy it? Nothing in Europe :sad: :sad: :sad:
  9. :heart::heart::heart: Breathtaking.
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  10. IMG_1498186253.230764.jpg
    Malachite with space shopping
  11. What a great match sissy! :heart: Thanks for sharing the mod shots! This shawl is on the top of my wishlist!
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  12. Sweet glycine lindy playing with the samurai


    My newest little Constance wallet/clutch with it too.


    I haven't introduced it to my clovert b35 yet but they will be best friends too.
  13. Surprised to find that IRL these work great together -
    Anemone k28 GHW
    Route 24 cw04 marine/cobalt/magenta

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  14. This is a gorgeous handbag, what's the name of it, I've not seen one before?
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  15. Gorgeous match BBC, and LOVE the shawl, such a cool design, got to ask my Sa about it.
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