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  1. Can I ask a question and draw on this thread's expertise - if inappropriate Mods please delete. I would love to buy a H bag in Rouge H/Box, but unsure which scarves/CWs would go with it. Got a Neige d'Antan II with darkish red as main colour, but only wear at Christmas. I don't look good with that amount of red close to my face, being pale, fair hair, blue eyes/Nordic colouring. Could someone here kindly advice on other scarves with a bit of red in, without being the main colour to match my possible Rouge H bag? I love moussies and silks 90/140! Thank you so much in advance - if not appropriate here I would really appreciate a PM :smile:
  2. I cannot wear a lot of red near my face either. Here are some suggestions. Mixing red with blue really helps me, or as you say just wearing a bit. Some of these might not appeal to you but these are the scarves that I wear with rouge h. Please ask if any look promising and I'll tell you the names.

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  3. Pocketbook Pup, I'm not the person who asked the question, but what is the second scarf from the left on the top row? Lovely collection, btw!
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  4. Not @Pocketbook Pup but that's the Ex-Libris en Kimono that's a highly sought after design! Quick search on eBay will give you an idea :noworry:
  5. Thanks -- I know the design, just didn't recognize it in that small of a picture on my tiny iPad!
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  6. Thanks for answering.

    And that you catsinthebag for your sweet compliment.
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  7. I don't have a rouge H bag yet but started to get ready for one coming (H will grant our wishes, right? :P). If you're looking for something from the current season, these 2 are good candidates without red being the dominant color. I can't wear too much red either and always need some cool tone to balance it. These 2 work well for me. SA knows that I want a rouge H in box so we've tried these with some samples and they work well.

    Paperoles - the red on it is the perfect proportion for someone who can't wear red and to make the blue not too overwhelming


    Le Jardin de la maharani - this CW is such a surprise wrapped around the neck

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  8. old (bag) and new (tunic)

  9. I don't know where to begin, you have really done a huge job and I am so, so impressed and inspired - can't really thank you enough!! And yes, I am very interested in:
    First row from the left: no 1 + 3 (got no 2)
    Second row from left: no 3 + 4
    Third row from left: no 4
    This H sister/brotherhood is truly amazing - to seek and get help and information from someone completely unknown across the globe is such a great experience - I really hope I can pay back into this dociety sometime - all the best to you, PP
  10. You are so welcome. We all help each other. Silkies are the best.

    First row sieste Au paradis. A recent one. You can probably still find it in the stores.

    Ivresse de la Infiniti older more difficult to find.

    2nd row
    Cheval Phoenix 140 silk recent
    Cavalcadour dip dye 140 older but I have seen it in stores

    3rd row les dames omnibus... I forget the whole name. Older but you will find it online for sale frequently. A 70 cm

    I highly recommend the jardin de la maharani above. I have the cashmere. It's perfect with rouge h.

    I have also noticed that a bit of pink to soften the red helps. Hermes uses this red pink blue combination a lot. Please post your new treasures when you find them.

    Here's the maharani

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  11. All exited now - the pictures with the Kelly are positively glowing Have taken screenshots on my mobile to keep this information safe and will be adhering to it when the time comes. Still not committed to an exact bag/model, but love the Rouge H and trying to do my due diligence, so when I find "The Bag" I'll know how to build a lovely match to it. I often "put the cart before the horse", i.e. I can just as well start buying a couple of scarves and the bag after that. Again, my most heartfelt thanks for your time and effort and valuable experiences - I have taken duly note of pink and red together
  12. It looks so much more magnificent in the 140. I have it in the smaller size and pondered for weeks which size I should get. You rock it.
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  13. Aww thanks. I live in a cold climate so I'm finding that the csgms are often the best choice for me.
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  14. New... old... both GORGEOUS sissy! :love: What color is the croc b?
  15. This is v pretty Pocketbook Pup, i need the maharani for RH too!
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