Hermes Ad Campaigns Through the Ages

  1. Don't know the year.
  2. From Venice...
  3. Some vintage adverts: the first and the second are from 1931!
    1931.jpg 1931 2.jpg art deco.jpg trtr.jpg
  4. And this is more recent...
  5. Hermès F/W 12.13 : Bette Franke & Wouter Peelen by Nathaniel Goldberg
    J13445214471843065_2.jpg J13445214471843065_1.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_09_at_2_36_35_PM.jpg Y13421741811128996_1.jpg Y13421741811128996_2.jpg D13425496061128382_11.jpg
  6. Hermes fall/winter 2012/2013 campaign jewelry
    hermes fall 2012 campaign.jpg
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    ^ With the two ads below, I think we have them all for Fall 2012.

    Beautiful ad campaign, although the fox in the furniture ad is very badly photoshopped when you see it in real life. Surprisingly tacky for Hermes.
    Hermes-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-Ad-Campaign-04.jpg Hermes-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-Ad-Campaign-05.jpg
  8. I have the original of the 3rd poster! They were so beautifully drawn!
  9. I tried on this new model of Arceau Watch with gris elephant gator strap. An elegant piece for PM size. The ad doesn't show the full beauty of this watch.
  10. H time pieces are looking more and more attractive.
  11. a3.jpg a2.jpg
  12. 1997 Year of Africa
  13. croc bag 1969
  14. 2006
  15. 2011