Hermes Ad Campaigns Through the Ages

  1. I love looking at old advertisements. I want to unload some from my computer and couldn't find an appropriate thread. If anyone else has some favorite ads, please share :flowers:

    1991 ad, courtesy of eBay
  2. Picotin ad
  3. Hermes by Miles Aldridge.
    Model: Vivien Solari


  4. These are great Seton! I hope that people will have more to post.
  5. Here are some...

    Sorry, don't recall sources...
    Zoe.jpg Sahara.jpg Sahara2.jpg
  6. More...
    Gemma 2005.jpg
  7. ...
    Winter.jpg Agenda 1931.jpg Boot and snake.jpg
  8. and more...
    Africa 1997.jpg Stella Tennant.jpg
  9. Hermes Spring/Summer 2006 Ad Campaign with Gemma Ward.


    Yes, you need to touch that panama/box Longue with gloves!
  10. Thanks you, Beaumonde! :love:
  11. My pleasure. I love the Gemma ads. The Stella ones freak me out a little.
  12. If "Thing" wore Hermes?
    Stella 2.jpg Stella 3.jpg
  13. My favorite Hermes ad campaign of all time!

    Spring 2000 by Cometti
    h1.jpg h2.jpg h3.jpg
  14. more from the series
    h4.jpg h5.jpg h6.jpg h7.jpg
  15. Fun thread! Thank you!